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clean, bring about your cover head

Published:2013-06-22 21:34 Click:wait for……
summary:clean, bring about your cover head 100,000 class clean and 10 class clean, who compare who cleaner?Pass by, now, future, this problems will make many people confused. The clean is to repair a data homework one of the essential core equipment...
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clean, bring about your cover head

    100,000 class clean and 10 class clean, who compare who cleaner?Pass by, now, future, this problems will make many people confused.
    The clean is to repair a data homework one of the essential core equipmentses, the operation environment that expels hard drive physics to break down essential to have.But all more complicated because of the gearing, test of clean, need professional personnel, equipments and technique support.How test the grade of clean, make due to lacking affirming of authority organization the grade of clean always Hui Mo such as deep.The data repairs a clean water how deep?Writer the clear Cha Be dark to visit, the conclusion that gets is secretly scared.Big body to say, the data repairs profession of the clean problem is mainly divided into two kinds of circumstances:One BE"have no" medium living, have no clean strong say to have;One is exaggerative clean function of , make a clean myth.

    "Have no" medium living, clearly have no strong say to have

    "Have no" medium living, mean a lot of data repair company under the sistuation that basically have no clean, even empty living a "clean".They build a small room in the company inner part and pin up a small brand, living to build a so-called clean and outward enounce that oneself owns a clean and fools customer.
    A lot of data repair companies of so dare so openly defiant actly beguilement consumer, the domestic lacks a professional examination and examines organization, besides which, , also come from the profession of the general customer to the clean and number concept to know it be basically placed in understanding vacuum status very few.A lot of data repairs company makes use of the customer's knowledge blind spot to greatly do the article of clean under the ordering about of benefits.
    To professional, the cleanness of the clean is a common sense problem.But even are datas repair to numerous customers company to say, they know not a thing to the grade content of "100 classes"s, "thousand classes"s and"ten thousand classes"s, even in reversed grade order of sequence.Concept of misty plus misleading of publicity, as time passes make the customer think that the number is more high to mean that the cleanness is more high.Most make people unable to cay or laugh of BE, currently a lot of data instauration service company for the sake of publicity need but declare that oneself built up ten thousand classes even 1,000,000 class clean, reverse black and white, carry on cheat to mislead to the customer, became the data repair biggest lies and joke within profession!
    The writer once consults red lady leaf of national DRS data in the information center repair for this problem.Cleanness she definitely means that the series of marking is more big, more bad.To hard drive, because of the hard drive chamber body inner part to dust very sensitive, so the opening quotations works have to promise enough cleanness, this even compare cure the white room using to have higher request!For close cleanness in the space, the nation drew up strict standard and used the dust number contained by unit physical volume as to adjudicate standard, and comprehensive two index signs in"≥ 0.5 micron dust numbers" and"≥ 5 micron dust numbers", finally with ten classes, 100 classes, thousand classes, ten thousand classes, 100,000 classes ……from Gao Dao Di's marking, the series is more low, the cleanness is more high.Leaf's director says that the 1,000,000 so-called class of a lot of service companies clean is only an operation set, the dust in the environment is a lot of, and causes hard drive's damaging very easily at this time.Of so this service company presume brave to do a hand, mainly is because the data resumes the special of profession to promise to serve a company even if the operation fails also need not undertake any responsibility, and this kind of simple and crude environment descends the opening quotations don't don't probably repair a data as well, only the success rate is significant to descend just.But for treat data as the customer but speech of Life Line, the opening quotations means data at Gao Wei environment the bottom drifts, may result in two breakages that can not save very much.

Is arbitrarily exaggerated, give a new life a clean myth

    Repair a market in the data recently surprised now the publicity of"10 class clean".Some data repair company, impressively tee off "own 10 serieses according to repair clean" or"10 serieses according to repair super clean" on its website or the publicity data.10 class clean?Only hard drive production factory house in the impression would like to clean this strict request.The industry queries the credibility of this news in succession.
    Now the writer matter begs Xing Liu's senior engineer of the certificate IBM hard drive production factory house.Engineer Liu carried on detailed introduction to the clean:10 class the clean is basic in order to have no dust environment, for promising the long-term stability movement of hard drive, keep dust grain from being detained on the diskette.Once the hard drive switches on electricity an operation, than hair thin dust grain the head that will give just to look for a way in the high speed bring a terrible disaster, this kind of bump the shot lightly then results in hard drive of read and write head damage, heavy diskette data the area row harm to damage, more terriblely will result in throwing of the hard drive data permanence's losing, but have no again drive the possibility for repairing.Clean effect and speech, 10 class the clean is the best, but its construct and manage to support expenses is also the tallest, the clean constructs along with the increment of cleanness with management the cost follow to soar.10 class clean the clean that usually compare 100 classes high a lot of times.Therefore 10 class clean the general use is in hard drive production line.And the clean of 100 classes should just can promise in the clean environment of thousand classes.10 classes have higher request, under the opposite and sealed environment, pass efficiently cleanness to ventilate then equipments can promise.When speak of some data repair companies to adopt 10 class clean, engineer Liu means hard believe.First, 10 class the clean isn't an independent space, he has to get at 100 class clean of pass efficiently cleanness to ventilate then equipments can promise under the environment, and it has strict nation standard towards constructing foundation, well ventilated equipments, surroundings environment etc. all;Secondly, 10 class luck camp and maintenance cost needed by clean equal Gao, generally only the hard drive produce a factory house to just have this real strenght and ability adoption 10 class clean.As for the data repairs whether factory house has the necessity adoption the clean of the so high grade, engineer Liu means every other line if separate mountain, the inconvenience places to review.
    Is a hard drive repair to need so what Class of clean more accommodation?Take this problem, the writer goes and sees red representative director, leaf, of national DRS data in the information center repair.Red lady leaf talked his/her own viewpoint:Synthesize but talk, the clean needed by data repair 1000 classes of completely can be competent.Red lady leaf tells a reporter, 10 class the clean is basic is have no dust environment, for promising the long-term stability movement of hard drive, mainly is used for hard drive production.But data repair is with backup data for premise, the hard drive of physical breakdown can't circulate over a long period of time, so it the clean is standard basic need not so high.
    Face a data repair to adopt 10 class the clean is this problem, the industry professional thinks more some knowledge blind spots that is a some data to repair a company to make use of customer but the concepts carrying on to stir-fry to make.In fact understand person's one eye can see it not reasonable of place.Is so-called under the circumstance that company talk a company, at 1000 class clean completely enough meet expenses, why the need for the adoption costs Gao De Duo of 10 class clean?And the data repair returns a knot bottom or takes technique as core and greatly does on the equipments whether the article deviates from the root of data repair and concentrates on details, does the business of just some companies stir-fries to make?Some consumers say to keep white more:The business enterprise isn't to live thunder Feng, the wool is on sheep.If really adopt 10 class clean, that constructs with maintenance expenses, end still the stand arrive in the body of each consumer.
    In fact, for great majority consumer come to say, purchase the principle of product and service buys the right for, don't buy expensive.So a mature business enterprise should provide sex price to compare the tallest service and product for consumer.But not is to stir-fry to make some trickeries, beguilement consumer, fool a consumer.