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one-way flowed air decontamination device

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summary:one-way flow air decontamination to equip 1, always say The norm gives one-way flow the definition of purifying the device, the function evaluates method and main technique request. 2, define 2.1 The device(Clean-Air Device Unidirectional Fl...
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one-way flow air decontamination to equip

    1, always say
    The norm gives one-way flow the definition of purifying the device, the function evaluates method and main technique request.
    2, define
    2.1 The device(Clean-Air Device Unidirectional Flow) that is one-way to flow decontamination, have an or several efficiently filter or high effect filter, one set or few stage mannerses machine, to is controled a work transport is one-way to flow clean air of clean work set or other devices.Is also we usually say of have no dust set.
    2.2 Is one-way the decontamination flow(Unidirectional Airflow), passing air equip or clean area, the direction is consistent and flow line mostly equilibrium current of air.Is one-way to flow of judge condition for:pass deviating of the flowing of clean area line and ideal straight line not higher than 14 degrees, at pass by also will one-way flow to be called a layer to flow.
    3, one-way flow of the air decontamination equip of main function:Mainly provide the partial clean environment of a protection product or production.This device can put don't be controled inside the environment, can also put at the clean environment inside use.
    4, one-way flow to purify to equip of main type, the familiar type contains 11 kinds
    4.1 The level flows device, its main characteristics is work surface is solid noodles or much bore noodles, coping and on the side of the clean area close, the clean area has a HEPA or ULPA filter in front.
    4.2 Take the level of lining up the breeze to flow, flow to equip likeness with level, but at work set in every aspect the plank place increased one to absorb a place with a draught, should absorb a place with a draught to lower a personnel to expose at the risk of the product or the craft pollution, and keep product from being subjected to crossing a pollution.
    4.3 The level that brings back breeze flows and flow in the level of foundation up increased time breeze system, is the clean air that is sent out by the filter after use, again recall and filter, send out clean area again.The kind's way of doing is to circularly make use of air, keep outside grain pollutant from getting into current of air.
    4.4 Shu direct current, flow the biggest differentiation with level BE, the air filter is the top that packs in the clean area.The current of air once wore clean area from top to bottom, then run off.
    4.5 Bring back breeze Shu direct current, with pure of the Shu direct current equip likeness, dissimilarity it Be been placed in to to send go into of the clean air pass many bore levels work the time place with a draught of the noodles or work in front square and rear return to breeze machine.
    4.6 Take the Shu direct current of lining up the breeze, with bring back breeze of likeness, mainly different what to lie in breeze once is circulation make use of, but what to line up breeze is direct use empress of the air eject.
    4.7 Shu direct current-two-sided get involved, is to all up and down have a filter, according to needing to adopt what send a breeze method, such as from top to bottom or from descend but up.
    4.8 Shu direct current-take to line up breeze of two-sided get involved, and two-sided get involved of likeness, the different place lies in have a particular breeze machine will use behind of the air eject.
    4.9 Filtering is a kind of air decontamination device, it includes a HEPA or ULPA filter, a static pressure box, one stage manners machine, the breeze machine compulsive current of air passes in the filter of static pressure box.
    4.10 The layer flows a cover, is a kind of one-way flow device, including one set or few stage mannerses machine, a static pressure box, an or several filters.
    4.11 Take the place with a draught that can replace a filter, the device includes a static pressure box, inside pack an or several filters, using the place can expediently dismantle to unload and replace a filter.
    5, examine
    The examination divides two parts:On being a basic examination, the another lends support to sex examination.
    5.1 The basic examination mainly has wind velocity, the check of the filter leaks, the blind side check oozes and flows back an experiment, and the grain son records a number and lines up amount of breeze.
    5.2 Lend support to sex examination, there is mainly a filter pressing to decline, shine on degree, noise, vibration, the manufacturer and customer considers of other examination item, such as electricity of with material craft etc..