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clean room and other be by hand controled environment set an…

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summary:clean room and other be by hand controled environment set and fingerstall 1 scope the tie limit sex 1.1 scope This recommend norm involves clean room with other is controled to use in the environment of the experimenting of gloves and finger...
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clean room and other be by hand controled environment set and fingerstall

1 s; scopethe tie limit sex
1.1 s; scope
    This recommend norm involves clean room with other is controled to use in the environment of the experimenting of gloves and fingerstall is with evaluation method.This document includes for experimenting of:Cleanness, physics and chemistry whole, other related characteristics.This document returned to contribute to the important point of the exactitude choice gloves and fingerstall of customer.
1.2 s; limit sex
    Design and make to satisfy all gloves and fingerstalls of requests in various use, this kind of viewpoint is impractical.The customer chooses for gloves to help fingerstall can basis:craft request, evaluate to experiment the analytical data of , and the manufacturer provides of product data.The use of gloves comes to a decision an on trial concrete contents.
2  Handthe physical characteristic of set and fingerstall
    Gloves and fingerstall can adopt any meet the material that the customer requests to make.But cotton hair, asbestos etc. releases or produces the material of grain thing to used for clean room thing of outside layer material.Don't suggest the adoption contains powder gloves or takes the gloves of Rong Chen.The gloves enclosure should not use, if has to use, should has a minimum creation and succeeds in catching the design of a grain of son.Conducting electricity a fiber or adding the fiber of conducting electricity the material should adapt to use process in the chemicals that may meet.
    The gloves wearing in the clean room should enough grow, can cover up the cuff of sleeve of clean and cover up length to be no less than a 25 mms.(1 in)The ASTM standard gives a series of stock size, include the surgery rubber gloves(D3577), experiment to use rubber gloves(D3578), fingerstall(D3772).
clean room by hand the set has 3 major types:Insulate gloves, knit fabric or weave gloves(have or have no Zhang department insulation protection), heat insulation gloves.
insulate the material of gloves to is generally a foam rubber(2-A radicle-1, 3-D the polymer of two Xis), the D Mao rubber, PVC and gather acetic acid ethylene, chlorine D rubber and decline a chlorine fat.The material that insulates gloves should adapt to use process in the chemicals that may meet.    
    Is some to come together gloves and fingerstall that the material makes into in the air and only shine on circumstance under the possible emergence physics and the chemistry deteriorate, consequently deposit to expect limited.If the customer should consider various aging factor that come together material and stipulate one to discard time, probably and according to manufacturer to suggest of discard time.The manufacturer should provide to discard time and according to the depositing of MIL-Ds STD-168s condition.
knit fabric and weave gloves should adopt continuous long silk fiber manufacturing, 100% turns Xian, like Di Lun, gather Mao An and C Xi sour and gather alkene.The fiber of knit fabric and weave gloves doesn't should be smaller than 60 Dan Ni Er.The weave method of thin Dan long silk fiber is vivid, therefore hand good, the comfort is strong, but grain son, salt, sour, oil etc. more late deliver in the fabric and bear to whet sex also lower.The cuff of sleeve of knit fabric and weave gloves should inside fold and the sewing have no constringency to transform.
    Heat insulation gloves generally from bear a heat polymer manufacturing, gather Mao An and Huo rubber such as the fragrant clan.
static electricity
    A lot of gloves and fingerstall is use to come together a material manufacturing, this material easily makes the spare parts take static electricity.The static electricity probably destroys sensitive electric circuit, can adsorb the grain thing to sweep surface.The IEST-RP-CC021.1 rightness static electricitieses turned on electricity to carry on general introduction, among them various experiment be applicable to the valuation that a rightness of gloves of particular uses and fingerstall carry on ESD characteristic.Is prescriptive in the ESD STMS11.2-2000 of hold a net method to used for measuresing a physical volume electric resistance rate.
4 s; can shed off a grain thing
    Gloves and fingerstalls all want to pass to shed off a grain thing to experiment.Can shed off a grain thing to experiment what to aim at to mainly insulate gloves.If the knit fabric and weave gloves and take the weave gloves that the Zhang department insulates generally don't carry on this kind of to experiment, if experiment, their can sheding off a grain thing will is more than insulating gloves.
    There are 2 kinds of gloves and fingerstall that can shed off a grain thing fixed amount to measure a method:1 kind is measure to take place at any time under the sistuation that don't exert a machine ability of can shed off a thing;The grain thing that another method statistics increases after being subjected to control the condition the bottom the infliction machine the ability.Experiment to all be total to count for the grain thing sheding off as a result at above-mentioned 2 kinds of situationses, and convert to the grain thing of trying the kind unit area to count.
this recommend norm after introducing a kind of experiment and experimented to include have never exerted a machine ability of take place at any time grain thing and infliction is controled a machine ability behind of born grain thing of total number.Experiment to include is controled to exert a machine ability, produce in the liquid combine backlog of, can carry on the grain thing that counts diagraph.This method calls "the liquid shakes up a grain of son born experiment".
    Have no which kind the on trial method can represent various gloves or fingerstall of all use conditions, therefore the unit area that can press to experiment to negotiate a measurement is the biggest to allow to shed off a grain thing to count(cleanness grade) conduct and actions practical basis.
    The liquid shakes up a grain of son born experiment a method, used for measurese rules experiment the condition start a set or fingerstall unit area creation of the biggest grain thing count.Experiment the grain thing acquiring to count is the cleanness of the gloves and fingerstall, it is to have never exerted a machine ability surface grain the thing and infliction machine can produce the total of the grain amount of things behind.Experiment result as use be tried the risk of gloves and fingerstall index sign.Experiment in, the representative can control in response to the shaking up of dint quantity, generally say come, shake up more violent, the grain son counts extremely high.
    Experiment in, gloves or fingerstall sample put and shake up in the middle of being prosperous and having the container of the liquid, gloves or fingerstall release a grain thing to the liquid.Adopt automatic liquid grain son to count machine or optical microscope to carry on a grain thing to count and then.
    notice:originally experiment don't consider the circumstance of violent friction born grain thing.
    notice:owing to the operation of each laboratory's maying have a little bit a dissimilarity, various liquid grain son counts the difference of machine bigger, therefore, suggest in the same laboratory and use the same son to count a technique to carry on contrast to experiment.
4.1 s; tool and material
    ·shake a bed, at least 150 turn/min, shake track diameter about the 19 cms cms-25ses.(0.75 ins-1 ins)Use to shake bed turns in following the orbit of running parallel with the ground, but don't seem to be a pair of stalks to shake a bed then at level and perpendicularity 2 directions up move;
    ·thin gloves and fingerstall adopt 2000 mL beaker and defend sour or keep the thick gloves of melting agent from using 4000 mL beaker;
    notice:BE promise different laboratory does to experiment to have repeated, use same size is as count for much as the glass Min of same switch.
    ·pilers, 25 cms cms-30ses(10 ins ins-12ses), stainless steel or gather four fluorine ethylene(PTFE, register a trademark Teflon1[especially Fu Long]) systems, the top is smooth;
    ·clean laboratory glassware, the physical volume measures the tools and implements as A class glassware;
    ·go to ion water, environment temperature next the electric resistance rate be no lower than 18 M Ω , Be filtered film percolation by ≤ 0.2 μ ms;
    ·the liquid grain son counts a machine, grain the path cent segment 0.5 μ ms, one μ m, 2 μ ms and 5 μ ms and 10 μ ms.As a choice, can also press the method of ASTM F311 and ASTM F312 as well as press the optical microscope of the method use of ASTM F311 and ASTM F312;
    ·take Fu Long to plate the magnetism of film to stir stick or glass to stir stick especially;
    ·take the sample of producing the packing.
4.2 s;experiment a condition
    Experimenting should be no lower than the clean room of 5 classes of ISO in the air cleanness or the cleanness work set environment the bottom carry on.
4.3 s;regulations
    A) clean beaker, glassware and pilers.
    B) use ion water flush over-wrap, use clean room appropriation low grain thing, low can the dish cloth of extract wipe over-wrap stem.Cut knife to open a packing with clean stainless steel scissors or stainless steel.
    C) use clean laboratory pilers to random sample a gloves sample from the packing bag.
notice:if the packing opening needs just can use up within several days for the sake of prevent°froming a pollution, need afresh or pack with the new packing material(match IEST-STD-CC1246 to stipulate in the Ds of 300 A classes or cleaner material) and.
    D) with the clean pilers hang gloves to mourn in the beaker above, to especially the inner palace infuse into a 75 mls to go to ion water(defending is sour or keep the thick gloves of melting agent from needing to infuse into a 2000 mls), water made it flow into beaker while being excessive.Willing infuse is aqueous of the gloves put into beaker and let water completely drown gloves.The operation method of 10 fingerstalls is as same as gloves, note water to measure to 750 mls.The amount of water(750 mls or 2000 mls) that records infusion, records for the Vs
    E) put beaker in shaking a bed, is turning soon a 150 rpm to wave for 10 minutes under the condition.
    F) the close shake a bed and dismantle beaker.
    G) immediately use clean pilers to take out gloves or fingerstall from the beaker.Use to clip to pour gloves or fingerstall good, let to remain liquid to flow beaker once.
    H) use grain the son count machine or optical microscope to measure the grain thing in beaker water and measurese a counting of concern grain path segment.
    I) carry on blank to experiment, experiment process with formally experiment completely same, just don't add sample.
    J) press the area of the method measurement gloves or fingerstall in the appendix A.
    K) use experiment the data subtract the average value that the blank experiments and get the end report data that gloves or fingerstall unit surface accumulate.
5 , can extract
    This chapter introduction of experiment to include can dissolve the extracting of thing carries on to the extract by using have no machine, organic with always the non- volatility remain a thing(TNVR) of analysis.Adoption originally chapter method, the material analyzing is less than physically total quality, experimenting the value may have something to do with extracting time and temperature.
6 , ash
    For various gloves and fingerstall, especially for heat insulation gloves, can expediently analyze heat born ash, the quantitative analysis is various metal.Moreover, if need to carry on quantitative analysis to various ion further, carry on analysis to the heat born ash is also 1 kind can go a method.Gloves and fingerstall remain the making of ash to press the ASTM D297 to carry on.
7 , Hydrogen sulfide
    The material of gloves and fingerstall is a polymer, some polymers may imply harmful sulphide to the clean indoor craft.Suggest to use the method of following diagraph hydrogen sulfide to carry on settling sex diagraph to the sulphide.
    A)use to match the 5% acetic acid lead aqua of the K2420 of ASTM to wet the taper No.41 Whatman filter paper;
    B)put into 5 fingerstalls for launching or a gloves beaker, use to contain the acetic acid lead paper awl to cover up on the beaker, awl point get down, but not and gloves or fingerstall contact.Establishing another beaker in same way is a blank.
    C) put 2 beakers for an hour inside the oven in 100 ℃ (±212 ℉s).The filter paper with the acetic acid lead becomes brown and expresses a hydrogen sulfide creation.Just can explain a problem while shoulding experiment to keep white just in the blank paper awl.
8 , microorganism
    This method is used for the sample and metered diagraph of the gloves surface living creature load.The fingerstall can not obstruct the microorganism on hand pollution product and craft, therefore originally experiment unwell used for fingerstall.The living creature load pointed by this document includes germ and fungi.Originally experiment unwell used for afterbirth son and be disgusted with oxygen of germ and endotoxin.Should use an endotoxin examination method(LAL) while analyzing endotoxin, see "person and the animal non- bowel the way is used LAL in the medicine product endotoxin examination to really recognize important point".
    The living creature load of clean room gloves is generally lower, therefore, had better carry on percolation to the water liquid for withdrawing while inoculating germ to withdraw a liquid toward the culture media.
    Experiment medium use disinfector with without the germ technique.Be not respectively carry on experimenting to the germ and the fungi, but do withdraw a sample or one a liquid to be divided into a several.