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economy energy technique and new energy at architectural of…

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summary:economy energy technique and new energy at architectural of actual application A, building economy energy design of important meaning: 1, the building economy energy is the demand of economic development: the energy is the important foundati...
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economy energy technique and new energy at architectural of actual application

A, building economy energy design of important meaning:

1, the building economy energy is the demand of economic development:

the energy is the important foundation of mankind's existence and development, the development of economy relies on the development of energy.The energy problem has already together become in the world nowadays the problem for paying attention to, the energy is missing to become the important factor of check and supervision economy development.The building produces from the building materials, building construction until the use of building have no not is consuming energy, the data statisticses the building that the enunciation Europe and America wait a flourishing nation to consume to have a whole country to always consume of the 1/3 is or so, our country also have to above 25%.Consequently expand an economy energy technique in the building power is necessarily going.

2, the building economy energy is the demand of environmental protection:

the energy that we apply now mainly is regard coal, petroleum and natural gas as principle of can not renewable energy.These energies are in the process of using in will exhaust in great quantities harmful material(the carbon dioxide, sulphur and nitrogen oxygen compound etc.), is the important reason that results in air pollution and ecoenvironment break.Consequently promote building economy energy, decrease pollutant of the emissions is also improvement to exist environment, exaltation life quality of a kind of effective of method.

3, the building economy energy is the demand that raises people's living standard:

along with the continuously raising of the development and people's living standard of modernization construction, people pursue more comfortable building living environment.Adopting in winter is warm, the air conditions all need the supply of energy in summer.But at current energy's economizing a building can consume and then seem to be particularly under the very nervous condition for importance.Building's economizing on energy a design is an establishment at satisfy reasonable of comfort request a premise under, passing technique decrease the building can consume, exaltation energy of use efficiency, satisfy building the request of economy energy.

two, our country the general situation in the aspects of constructing to economize on energy:

1, the our country building can consume general situation:

statistics data express, China building can consume of total amount year by year ascension, consume in the energy total amount in the proportion had already from 10% in the end of 70's in last century, rises to 27.8% of recent years.The our country is the nation that takes coal as main energy, because of our country the weather condition of big parts of regions present a summer hot winter cold characteristics, therefore our country of the building consume energy huge, buring coal exhausted in great quantities harmful material and brought serious pollution and breakage to environment.According to statistics 1999 our country emissions CO 2,667,000,000 tons, occupy the second in the world, among them 85% from coal-fired emissions of, in 2000 our country emissions SO 219,950,000 tons, occupy the first in the world, among them 90% from coal-fired emissions of, because the emissions of the pollutant results in 57% grain thing in the cities exceed nation standard, 48 SO2 densitieses in city are over the national second class exhaustion standard.Various datas express a building to economize on energy at our country of the expansion was already an of the utmost urgency.

2, the our country construct the development outline of economy energy:

the building of our country economize on energy a work to begin from the early part of 80's and pass an everyone aggressive effort, arrive 1995 year-ends, the whole country is built up of economy energy building area already 47,000,000 square meters, economize on energy to construct area to attain 100,000,000 square meters till 1998.Be one after another finished everywhere some buildings economize on energy model engineering, such as Anne Yuan in Peking small area in the small area, week Chuang in the north, lie Long Xiao Qu, Tienjin to lean on small area in China and Gansu to construct science institute for research dormitory etc., these engineerings all obtained good effect in the aspects of economizing on energy.For overall the expansion economize on energy a design, our country drew up a series of laws and standard, such as 《the People's Republic of China economizes an energy method 》, 《 public building to economize on energy design standard 》, 《 the current building economize on energy a reformation technique regulations 》, 《 adopt warm live building to economize on energy examination standard 》, 《 building economy energy management rules 》 etc..Believe the economy energy is along with the building laws and standard of gradually perfect, our country of building economy energy the business will get further universality and expansion.

three, the development and exploitation of new energy:

1, the meaning and classification of new energy:

new energy and can the concept of renewable energy is fully 1981's United Nations to convene at Luo inside the capital city in Kenya of the energy meeting top make sure.It differs from the traditional energy that uses currently and has abundant source and almost takes it not to exert and use it Jie not, and to environment of the pollution is very small, a kind of mutually moderate with ecoenvironment of sweep energy.The UN Development Programme(UNDP) is divided into 3 types: new energy currently:

(1) big medium-sized water give or get an electric shock.

(2) lately can renewable energy, including small water electricity, solar energy, wind energy, modern living creature quality ability, subterranean heat ability and ocean ability.

(3) traditional living creature quality ability.

2, the development make use of the important meaning of new energy:

continuously increase along with the energy need, on the earth can not the resources of renewable energy further decrease until is dried up.For the sake of the progress of the social development and the mankind, is raising the use efficiency of energy, economy energy of have to also develop and make use of a green environmental protection to combine reborn new energy at the same time.Predict according to the expert, till 2060, world can the dosage of the renewable energy will develop to above 50% of energy total dosage and become the main part of the energy structure in future.Adopting the new energy is to protect an ecoenvironment, walking can keep on the important measure of developing the road.

3, apply a new energy technique at the architectural meaning and in the future prospect:

building consume a great deal of energy, current our country the building industry develop fast fierce, economize on energy, the green environmental protection, ecosystem technique is applied to engineering the inevitable trend that is a building development.Solar energy, wind energy and subterranean heat can etc. the new energy is in the effective application on the building, can not only replace limited traditional energy of resources, but also reduce the emissions of pollutant, the protection ecoenvironment, its development and exploitation have vast prospect and profound meaning.The our country has an abundant new energy resources and make use of an aspect development in the solar energy currently quick, the solar cell generates electricity a technique a great deal of use is on the building, the dosage of the solar energy water- heater is increased with every year 20% speed, anticipating the universality rate of 2015 solar energy water- heater will attain 25%, the solar energy generates electricity owning of system the quantity will attain 320 MWs.Being like another wind energy, subterranean heat can the development of etc. developed to also obtain very great achievement, anticipating the new energy would definitely develop a huge function in the building business of our country.

four, the ecosystem economize on energy technique and new energy in the actual application on the building design:

adopt the solid example of ecosystem economy energy technique in the design a lot of, be like mansion design in the building design center of the Zhang Jia Gang the ecosystem agriculture house design, Chin Hua university and help high etc. library in the transportation junior college etc..

test in the industrial university high technique energy in Peking the design of building in adopted several economy energy and new energy to make use of a technique.According to campus total programming, the high technique energy experiment building draws up to set up industrial university the campus is in Peking north the southeast of the area, south noodles just to the stalk road"north the work is big south road" in the campus thing, the northern side is that Peking is industrial university science and technology tests area, west the noodles is athletic field in the school, geography position is very important.Constuct a place to present rectangular, thing long about 85 meters, the southern north breadth is about 35 meters, always accumulate about 4000 square meters with the ground, draw up to set up area 5000 square meters.According to the base characteristics, the whole building adopts "a" matrix layouts, lord entrance toward the south face medium stalk road, the experiment vehicle of the internal combustion engine laboratory the entrance and next in importance entrance set out in the northern side, this kind of form was convenient to outward contact, and avoided mutual interference.Will construct whole stay back red line toward the north 10 meters, stay ex- square of a main entrance and outdoor parking lot, and set out greening and ground to spread to pack, form good outdoor space environment thus.Moreover the building consumes calories index sign along with the growth of figure coefficient but increases.Test building's simple rules whole building type body because of outward appearance area less, the figure coefficient is smaller, so canning availably reduce a building can consume, for realization building of the economy energy request is very beneficial.

economy the building can consume the most important measure is a reasonable improvement outer circle to protect structural of hot work function, efficiently the wall body of the heat preservation economy energy the effect show Zhao.

the experiment building adopt a 250 mms to thickly steam to press powder ash from stove to add to annoy concrete to carve piece as the outer circle protects a wall, this kind of material is the powder ash from stove that makes use of thermal power plant emissions is a main raw material, the new wall body of the adoption forerunner's production craft and material production material, this kind of material can availably reduce to construct garbage, the benefit is at the environmental protection and the decrease waste of resources, is a kind of real green building materials product.Under the sistuation that have already satisfied a heat preservation to economize on energy a request, and then increased the 1 F 30 mm thick organic Huo heat preservation sand to strach and reduce outer circle to protect transmitting heat of structure coefficient thus.

solar energy is we can make use of of sweep most and enrich most of the energy is testing building roof to install solar cell to generate electricity system, canning radiate the sun can directly convert into electric power and make use of a storage battery set store solar cell is shone on by light send out of electric power, and can at any time to use to give or get an electric shock equipments power supply, satisfy an using of the power and the lighting system in the building electricity need thus.The solar cell generates electricity a technique to have many advantages, such as safety credibility, free from pollution, don't consume normal regulations fuel, be free from region restriction, maintain simple, suit to install an etc. characteristics on the building, therefore it is the new energy that has to develop prospect most in the world nowadays to make use of a technique.

experiment air condition system in the building adopted ground completely source heat pump technique, it makes use of the Xu in the earth's surface's shallow layer saves of energy, the outdoor air temperature undulates very much, but earth's surface noodles several rices as follows of ground opposite Heng to whole year settle of characteristics(the Earth surface the temperature usually keep about 15 ℃ ), in summer eject the calories of surplus in the indoor constantly but is absorbed by the earth, make building indoor to keep appropriate degree of humidity.This technique has imbecility to consume and influence to the environment small, the maintenance expenses is efficiently lower and design a vivid etc. outstanding characteristics, 1 kind, the energy of environmental protection make use of system.

industrial university environment in Peking and the energy college of engineering have leading level on this technical research.Pass this time design, not only made the academic research achievement get an application in the concrete engineering, but also still avoided hanging air condition's outdoor machine to sign the breakage of noodles to the building.Used for an optic fiber technique lighting in the indoor, installed the application that the wind power system waits several economy energy environmental protection measure in the roof, made the high technique energy experiment building become the green energy model engineering of the name matches the reality.

five, tally up:

above to construct the development of economy energy and new energy made use of aspect to make simple analysis and research, it was basic measure that alleviates energy crisis, eases pollution of the environment, improves a living condition and helps the economy to keep on development to construct the exploitation of economy energy and new energy.