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the anastigmatic type give or get an electric shock bag comp…

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summary:anastigmatic type electricity bag compound in addition to the dust technique annoys decontamination in the cement works kiln tail smoke in of application summary:Under new environmental protection standard in the nation, cement kiln and kiln...
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anastigmatic type electricity bag compound in addition to the dust technique annoys decontamination in the cement works kiln tail smoke in of application

summary:Under new environmental protection standard in the nation, cement kiln and kiln whet integral whole machine dust emissions the density want to attain a nation standard and adopt electricity in addition to the dust machine has to increase the amount of electric fields and enlarge investment cost.But adoption calico sack in addition to dust machine because entrance dust the density is high, attain a 80~100 gs/Nm3, the dust grain is big, filter bag acceptance to flush to wear away, the pure ash period is short, filter bag service life shorter.This text introduced an anastigmatic type electricity bag compound in addition to the dust technique whets the integral whole machine kiln tail to accept a dust in the cement kiln in of applied circumstance, and to use the effect carried on elucidation.

along with the quick development of economy, the economy development brings of the pollution of the environment turn worse day by day, the environmental protection problem is also more and more subjected to a nation of value.The cement industry is one of the profession of high pollution, be subjected to a rigorous challenge in the pressure bottom of environmental protection.In new 《cement industrial air pollution thing exhaustion standard (GB4515-2004)》 request of national environmental protection bureau promulgation:From from January 1, 2010, cement works cement kiln and kiln's whetting integral whole machine smoke and dust Be tallest to allow to exhaust the density as 50 mgs/Nm3.Traditional electricity in addition to dust machine already very difficult promise to efficiently reach mark to circulate over a long period of time.Domestic, the outside research result express:It is can hardly for dust machine to remove specially harmful PM10 and PM2.5 to the mankind, besides which, electricity especially the PM2.5 almost can not recall.But bag in addition to the dust machine can filter the PM10 and the PM2.5 in smoke and dust at the same time, it makes PM10 and PM2.5 decline to harmless degree to the environment.Therefore large bag type in addition to dust and electricity bag combine in addition to the dust technique emerges with the tide of the times.

anastigmatic type electricity bag compound in addition to the dust machine is to absorb comprehensive anastigmatic type electricity in addition to in addition to the advantage of dust, dust and calico sack has been digested to absorb again innovate but develop of new generation efficiently in addition to dust equipments.Haven't because of dust compare the variety of electric resistance, and dust density...etc. but the influence export exhaust a density, in addition to dust efficiency not with the equipments circulate horary increment but significantly lower.Because front class electricity in addition to the dust area collected 80%~90% dust, empress the class calico sack area dust the density is small, pure ash period consumedly extension, prolong the service life of filtering the bag, have economy energy and circulate a stable advantage efficiently.Is national new environmental protection emissions to request to descend ideal of in addition to the dust equips, this text introduces some cement works cement kiln of new Luo's area of the technique's rock City dragon in Fukien to whet the integral whole machine kiln tail smoke spirit decontamination in of application.

1, anastigmatic type electricity bag compound in addition to dust machine design technique parameter(see table 1)

2, electricity bag compound in addition to the dust system equipments allocation and choose a type

2.1 anastigmatic type electricity bag in addition to dust machine sketch map(see figure 1)

2.2 anastigmatic types give or get an electric shock in addition to dust area

(1) anastigmatic type electricity in addition to dust area from 3 constitute very much.Are respectively an anode, cathode, lens pole.The anode adoption fried dough twist gives or gets an electric shock dizzy line and connects positive high voltage;The cathode adoption adopts the fish bone pinprick line and connect negative high voltage;The anastigmatic pole adoption SPCC plank constitutes an anastigmatic plank row, for connect ground pole, the structure sees figure 2.The coping adoption hangs structure, lens pole the bottom adopt the side department Nao arm the hammer flap to beat pure ash.The cathode line adoption coping electromagnetism hammer flaps to beat pure ash, anode not the design flap a dozen.

(2) the negative electricity dizzy pole, anastigmatic pole and positive electricity dizzy pole at space position the interleave arrange, the perpendicularity is hanged to in addition to inside the dust machine hull body;Lens pole from anastigmatic plank row parallelism constitute, the anastigmatic plank lines up to be apart from parallelism to be juxtaposed to constitute by the certain in the same flat surface from the anastigmatic plank that many long conductor lamellas make into, the anastigmatic plank lines up flat surface two pieces of close together anastigmatic plank side to of the cleft of is anastigmatic, the parallelism is juxtaposed two row the anastigmatic plank line up together with carry reposition of redundant personnel and Zu to flow equip to round before or after of space in order to accept dust room unit, two close together accept an of dust room unit of the districts annoy passage for smoke;The negative electricity is dizzy pole line with certain distance parallelism arrange constitute a cathode frame, the perpendicularity mourns to hang to annoy inside the passage space in the smoke with lens pole plank flat surface parallel centerline position;The positive electricity dizzy pole line is hanged to accept the dust room unit central point in the anastigmatic;Each negative electricity dizzy pole line and positive electricity the dizzy pole line be all handing over to the anastigmatic, space position and anastigmatic plank flat surface;When the negative electricity is dizzy very connect into GGAJ02-0.5 A120 KV negative high pressure work repeatedly the power, positive electricity is dizzy very connect into positive high pressure work of the GGAJ02-0.5 As/40 kvs the power, lens repeatedly connect ground very much, the lens are that dizzy negative electricity pole and positive electricity are dizzy very much pole of the electricity leave public respond to a pole, positive, negative electricity the dizzy pole form with anastigmatic unit similar optics lens focuse the accepting of function dust electric field;Get into the dust of smoke spirit passage in the middle of accepting dust electric field lotus electricity, and tended the function bottom of stalk effect dint to once wear in the lens anastigmatic to accept dust room to get rid of into;The positive electricity is very dizzy not only enhanced to accept dust electric field, sped getting rid of of dust into the speed, and it can satisfy negative electricity the positive charge shooting dust to release the demand of electric charge;Get into the dust of accepting the dust room mutual collision, coagulate, knot grain, finally sink Be declined to ash Dou drive collect outside luck.

(3) adopt the above-mentioned allocation project to compare with existing technique to have a following progress a characteristics after designing.The electricity of this kind of electric field focuses a function to make overwhelming majority electricity the breeze cross an anastigmatic, two times flow to limit at accept a dust the indoor, thus reduced smoke to annoy to flow strength in the Wen in the passage, raised to accept dust process of inevitability;In this kind of electric field dust grain the path is more small, be subjected to of focuse a function more strong, so have original collections function to the tiny dust;At the same time, this kind of electric field still for get into the dust of accepting the dust room to have good fluid mechanics to shield a function, can availably reduce to return to flow loss;More because the dust collected by this kind of electric field isn't main deposition at pole plank up, but accept dust room in the lens the space carry on collision and coagulate and land, lens pole plank the only a little amount dust will stay around lens pole the plank is as on-line as anode, needs to be given to slightly flap a dozen of dint and then can flap to fall dust, so can biggest let up Yang dust loss;Still have, the electric voltage variety process of this kind of electric field has negative the feedback automatically regulate characteristic, can keep to acquire focusing of stability effect.

2.3 bag area part

(1) empress class calico sack in addition to the dust classifies two in addition to dust big room, each big room is again divided into 2 small rooms, the small room is a square, internal calico sack follow current of air direction decoration, each small room goes together with one to promote valve and fixs by convenience check;Small indoor installs a fixed type to blow an ash tube, each calico sack to should one spray a mouth, spraying of each calico sack blows from the pulse electromagnetism valve control of a drown type.

(2) filter to anticipate to adopt Bo Xian to reply a film, the material is PPS, filtered to anticipate to pass by to defend illegitimate profit and burn down a processing, have an excellent anti- to oxidize and bear heat(≤ 260 ℃ ) function, effective service life ≥ 30000 hs.In order to being this kind to filter to anticipate to filter a type to filter to anticipate for surface, the past pure ash reduced thoroughly dust at filter the bag surface formation dust layer backboard knot of possibility, availably promised in addition to dust effect.

(3) filter the bag is propped up by the bag cage, specification BE:155 ×s 6000, the bag cage is used a carbon steel wire creation, filtered rubbing of bag and cage bone for decrease and prolonged the service life of filtering the bag and easy to dismantle to unload to filter bag, filter a bag adoption of circular structure;For the sake of the service life of extension bag cage, the cage bone surface adopts organic Huo heat coating to carry on surface powder static electricity to spray and make its surface smoother than common coating and defend to decay function to consumedly raise;Furthermore in order to promise to filter the spirit of bag and flower plank airtight, the bag adoption flexibility rises a turn and makes it seal completely firm credibility.

(4) the bag area adopt low-pressure pulse to spray to blow way pure ash, each small room goes together with a spirit to wrap, and spirit's wrapping an adoption don't meet a steel pipe manufacturing.The list spirit wraps into spirit place to establish to close valve, the easy to pulse valve check fixs.All spirits wrap bottom to establish to move to line up dirty valve and periodically wrap to carry on moving to line up to the spirit dirty.The spirit wraps to annoy the source allocation stainless steel hand to move to insulate valve, check valve and pressure to regulate a valve(take to have a manometer), illegitimate profit separation machine;The spirit wraps to annoy road a top gearing pressure Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd signal equip, used for continuous supervision to spray to blow breath source pressure and carry on the judgment of pulse valve breakdown.System after going together with the Luo pole type air compressor(a carry a have) and 1 set of two sets 10 Nm3s/mins handles to equip is pure ash and promote the valve control spirit source.

(5) each cent of area of bag room, in addition to the dust machine import and export carries and all establishes bad press and change and send a machine, each pulse valve right on the spot establishes and moves and controls a switch, and install and just and right on the spot control inside the cabinet, moveses and controls a switch and presses the determinant decoration, go and choose to adopt several knob switches, row choice adoption button switch.

2.4 bypass systems and prepare Tu Hui to equip

(1) the bypass system include bypass to promote valve and bypass smoke way.In addition to the dust machine coping designs a bypass smoke way, the bypass smoke way goes together with 2 bypasses to promote valve, can open a dish road system protection to filter bag when the system smoke annoy to appear an excrescent circumstance.The bypass promotes valve perpendicularity to up and down promote the decoration, valve Xin and frame material as Q235s and seals completely an adoption to bear heat Huo rubber(satisfy 200 ℃ work condition under the long term use), the bypass lifts