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Air conditioning can purify PM2.5

Published:2013-03-14 21:00 Click:wait for……
summary:Air conditioning can purify PM2.5 Recently, Suning joint-known market research firm in Yee, GfK released 2013 annual Chinese air conditioning industry White Paper (hereinafter referred to as the White Paper ), the white paper pointed out th...
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Air conditioning can purify PM2.5

Recently, Suning joint-known market research firm in Yee, GfK released 2013 annual Chinese air conditioning industry White Paper "(hereinafter referred to as the" White Paper "), the white paper pointed out that the 2013 air conditioner market structure will deepen the adjustment, the industry as a whole will pick up trend. At the same time, it is predicted that the overall price of air conditioning products in 2013 will rise by roughly 10%, energy-saving air-conditioning will be the absolute mainstream market.

Well, the current market price of air conditioning products, which products will be the 2013 trends?

Overall price this year, or up 10%

The White Paper pointed out that the air-conditioning products in 2013 prices rose steadily, the price will rise 10% or. The cost pressures brought about by the upgrading of consumption structure is a major factor in the air-conditioned average price rose.

"In 2012, the home appliance industry is moving from policy to stimulate consumption growth mode, and gradually transition to sales to upgrade consumer-led growth model, in the process the policy gradually withdraw from the market stage, losing the policy of subsidies, will inevitably lead to price rise. "proposed in the White Paper.

Involving cost, the White Paper said that human labor costs and air conditioning materials, the price of copper and other costs will have risen this year, which brought the average price upward pressure. At the same time, with the inverter air conditioner 2013 new energy efficiency GB is about to become operational, the level of air conditioning technology R & D of new challenges. With the standard upgrade, air conditioning compressor, and a series of corresponding raw material costs, as well as the major health companies in the air conditioning research and development, technology input costs will increase significantly.

This reporter interviewed Wuhan many air conditioning manufacturers, most of them have not heard the wind to prices. Who asked not to be named, told reporters that "the proportion of sales of high-end air-conditioning has been improved and additional features and more high-end air conditioner prices have been relatively high, the average price is thus pulled nothing unusual."

Wuhan Gree said, "Gree will not cost pressures turn added to the consumer, at the same time will start holiday promotions, profit to the consumer."

Energy-saving products into the mainstream of the market rebound

"This year, the overall market will accelerate recovery, the overall size of the expected expansion of about 8%." After last year's downturn, the White Paper in judgment, "With urbanization, the housing market rebound in 2013, multiple positive energy subsidy policies to stimulate factors will accelerate the adjustment of the air conditioning industry. "

"Is expected this year, the proportion of energy-saving air-conditioning products will reach 80%." White Paper on consumer acceptance of inverter products greatly improve energy saving and environmental protection has become a product key metrics. In 2012, the proportion of energy-saving products has reached 60%, while sales of energy-saving products in Suning proportion exceeded 70%. With the continued advance of the subsidies to reduce the cost, large-scale production advantages brought, accounting for about 10% of the increase to promote energy-efficient air conditioning.

At the same time, "the White Paper is expected that the national air conditioning new energy efficiency standards will be introduced in the middle of the year, the standard inverter air conditioner energy efficiency rating and a higher requirement, the introduction of a full-year evaluation of the efficiency of energy consumption for heating and air-conditioning. It is understood that this year, the major upstream producers have transferred to the variable frequency and the research and development of energy-saving technologies, new technologies such as the DC inverter fluorine-free inverter air conditioning cloud, intelligent application-conversion and energy-saving products.

Air purification or as standard?

Air purification function due to PM2.5 or into standard "White Paper, and air conditioning products in the functional, more humane and better meet consumer demand for personalized. Indoor air quality concern, air purification, air circulation and other functions become customers to purchase additional demand. Others such as rapid heating and cooling, IntelliSense, in addition to formaldehyde, smart wind also sought after by consumers. "

Since last year, the rapidly increasing consumer concern for air quality, purification function of become part of the air conditioning propaganda point begin to enter the consumer perspective.

"We are in the most high-end products with purification-related functions, but the function can not be said to be standard." Certain brand, told reporters, "the purification function has been for many years, but has been as an additional feature, we did not as the focus to preach. "

Other brands who exhibit the same view, from a global point of view to consider, for the bedroom after the high-end models will be equipped with air purification or ventilation function, but the standard is indeed difficult to general models will not many additional features. "

It is understood that most of the products of some brands of air-conditioning with air quality regulatory function. "Air Purifier" Gree Almighty King equipped, operate independently and efficient removal of PM2.5, the silver ion filter, negative ions fresh health, activated carbon powerful go turbidity unit, effective indoor air purification, adsorption in the air formaldehyde and other harmful gases; Haier "No air conditioning, do not turn on the air conditioning and refrigeration, heating function, the blast will be able to in addition to air conditioning PM2.5" can be removed of PM2.5; the Hisense "apple pie A8" of PM2.5 air conditioning Hisense original the "FPA purification system, adding high-precision filter can effectively filter respirable particulate matter in the air, get rid of the benzene, formaldehyde, odor.