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Keep away from the PM2.5 troubled! Panasonic Air Conditionin…

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summary:Keep away from the PM2.5 troubled! Panasonic Air Conditioning achievements healthy home! When haze and PM 2.5 these words appear in our lives when the masks become elderly and children in air pollution days travel essentials ... our living...
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Keep away from the PM2.5 troubled! Panasonic Air Conditioning achievements healthy home!

When "haze" and "PM 2.5" these words appear in our lives when the masks become elderly and children in air pollution days travel essentials ... our living environment has been facing enormous health threats and challenges !

Participation and attention to environmental issues, from driving less green travel, weather discussion from the streets to the Spring Festival to promote less discharge of fireworks! Environmental health concerns of people living beyond the past! And pursuing a good way to improve the situation in the fog ...


[PM2.5 what? 】

Talking about the daily PM2.5 what is it? And how to define it? According to the information, PM2.5 refers to the diameter of the atmosphere is less than or equal to 2.5 micron particles, also known as particulate matter into the lungs. Diameter of less than 1/20 of the thickness of a human hair, although the content was relatively small, but the impact on human health, air quality and visibility have important constituents of the Earth's atmosphere.

Thicker atmospheric particulate matter, PM2.5 particle size is small, the rich in a large number of toxic and hazardous substances and long residence time in the atmosphere, conveying distance, and thus the greater the impact on human health and the quality of atmospheric environment. The scientists PM2.5 said the content of such particles per cubic meter of air, higher value represents a more serious air pollution.

【How to protect our families? 】

Weather forecast now almost all contain the numerical prediction of PM2.5 and health tips, more polluted days, home for the elderly, children or people with chronic diseases are recommended to avoid outdoor activities, if you have to travel, wearing masks have some protective effect is especially important!


Home space is the day we spent the longest time in space, especially for home owners and home for the elderly and children. In this weather, it is clear that not suitable window for ventilation, should avoid outdoor air pollution into the interior. In addition, some of the air purifier and air conditioning products, air purifying effect become the most talked about health equipment nowadays!

Panasonic air conditioning 2012 Yee Lan series by the authority of the certification of PM2.5 removal of up to 98%! 】

"Particulate matter into the lungs healthy self-evident, is particularly critical for our home with excellent air purification equipment! 56 years of air conditioning production and R & D experience Panasonic air conditioning, inverter air conditioner's flagship for 2012 Yee Lan "since the beginning of the listing on the critically acclaimed! With a number of industry-leading technology applications, making smart, comfortable, healthy performance are greatly improved, for health home air conditioning, just like a human technology revolution!

National indoor environment and indoor environmental product quality supervision and inspection center for Panasonic Air Conditioning 2012 PM2.5 Yee Lan, according to the latest inspection report of the authority to remove the effects were detected, the test results show that: when the 2012 Yee Lan boot running two hours PM2 .5 removal rate reached 92%, when run 3 hours, up to 98% of PM2.5 removal, for our home environment will undoubtedly build a security barrier for our home to keep you healthy!


Panasonic Air Conditioning 2012 Yee Lan series

Health weapon! In addition to PM2.5, Panasonic air conditioning sterilization effect of up to 99%! 】

We appreciate the 2012 Yilan Jing states elegant and noble, when we are feeling in a lot of smart and comfortable technology when health has become more important functional elements!

"Key to easily enjoy the" quick mode, with the "P-smart sensor smart sensor technology, the 2012 Yee Lan so we can to be a simple choice between smart and comfortable, and the remaining to go 2012 Yee Lan automatically sense the location and activity of our friends and relatives, to bring the optimum temperature, wind direction and wind set for every family member. Speed ​​warm through the improvement on the part of the the evaporator, intelligent control program, cross flow fan, and optimize the structure of the indoor unit, home heating effect a substantial upgrade.

Compared with these very leaders the wisdom and comfort technology, Panasonic's original health technology is once again leading the technology development direction of the air-conditioning industry!

Fresh technology powered by nanoe-G 2012 Yee Lan series of product quality supervision and inspection terminus of the Shanghai Environmental Protection issued by authoritative testing and certification report, certified by the authority of the test, the overall sterilization rate of up to 90%, more the individually harmful bacteria sterilization effect up to 99%. It is reported, nanoe-G Clean technology is built by the air conditioning ions released by the corona of the way to release a large number of nano-ions, which combined with the water molecules in the air, the microorganisms separated from the bacteria in the air, dust, etc., can be adsorbed, and with the indoor air circulation, the air conditioning built-in filter online back slowly through nano ions kill. Meanwhile, this nano ions can also be attached to clothing, furniture, appliances and other bacteria on the surface of the above, let these attached bacteria lose by a large number of hydroxyl ion activity!

Compared to traditional air conditioning only a single function to adjust the temperature, Panasonic air conditioning nanoe-G fresh technology is a breakthrough value health technology applications! Initiative to defend our home health, harmful bacteria, PM2.5 particulate matter into the lungs away from our own families! Build a protective barrier at the same time, creating a natural, fresh, comfortable and cozy healthy home environment!


Panasonic air conditioning nanoe-fresh technology, the campaign against harmful bacteria and PM2.5!

Fog and haze continued, the PM2.5 governance approach continues to explore the human constantly for the continuation of life and the protection of the quality of life and make unremitting pursuit! Who have leading technology products, is bound into the tens of thousands of households, to bring health care for each of us!