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CFSE 2013 Seventh China food safety control and instrumentat…

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summary:CFSE 2013 Seventh China food safety control and instrumentation equipment exhibition Exhibition dates: 2013 29 to December 1, 2009 Exhibition address: Shanghai Everbright Convention Exhibition Center (Caobao No. 88) Directed by: General Admi...
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CFSE 2013 Seventh China food safety control and instrumentation equipment exhibition

Exhibition dates: 2013 29 to December 1, 2009

Exhibition address: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center (Caobao No. 88)

Directed by: General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China State Food and Drug Administration

Livestock Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, the quality and safety of agricultural products

Invited support: International Association for Food Safety, China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association

The CFNA China Food Industry Association

Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission

Shanghai Administration for Industry and Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau

Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association imported food in Shanghai Association of Enterprises

Organizational units: Fair Organizing Committee of the International Food Safety Shanghai the Fubon Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Show the form: set of seminars, scientific and technological exchanges, product demonstrations, investment, government procurement, negotiate orders

Visited in one of the enterprises to seek cooperation projects, and expand the market to create the best opportunities.

Exhibition introduction

In recent years, China's food problems have become increasingly prominent, major food safety incidents have occurred, food safety issues have been a serious threat to people's lives and health, involving many well-known food brands, and a serious threat to the harmonious development of China's national economy and social.

Current national emphasis on food safety and unprecedented government regulation, in order to further enhance the self-controlled, rectification insecurity from the source, under the support of the leadership in the higher levels of government, the exhibition will focus on food safety control technology, food issues such as security detection technology exhibition discussion, seize the key aspects that affect food safety through the entire food chain study, the use of scientific management system and technical support, to prevent the occurrence of food safety incidents. Of CFSE international food safety control and testing equipment Exhibition "will be the event to promote food safety technology, but also the best platform for exhibitors to promote food security solutions built only provide the people with their food, but also for food enterprises to win credibility.

[Exhibition range

, Food safety testing instruments and technology:

● Food Analysis rapid detection of food safety testing instruments card kit

● Food Microbiology, epidemic, toxin detection Food and Drug Residues in

● food nutrients detect food GMO detection equipment

● food additives and ingredients detect food chemical element control and detection

● Sample processing and analysis instruments common laboratory equipment

● food testing equipment accessories, supplies, food packaging testing

● metal, non-metallic elements and foreign body detection equipment

● food moisture detection, agricultural environmental testing, water quality testing, soil testing

● food safety third-party testing services

Food safety control and logistics technology:

● food safety solution: food security monitoring solutions and tracing system, food temperature and humidity-line monitoring control systems, etc.

Food sterilization equipment: sterilization, sterilization machine, sterilizer, ultraviolet disinfection, ozone generator

● food preservation additives and cold chain equipment, food safety

● smart labels and ink-jet printing technology

● food safety and hygiene control equipment and components: fittings, valves, pumps

● Food plant clean, clean workshop, clean bench, air purification equipment, clean uniforms, disinfectants

Concurrent activities

Full exchange for the protection of the majority of the participants the opportunity to get more industry information, exhibitions over the same period with a large-scale food security industry forums and technical workshops, the forum will focus on the current situation of China's food security analysis, the China Import and Export food inspection and quarantine briefing management model and corporate responsibilities of the modern food hygiene, food hygiene control technology, food safety detection technology, food safety and government regulation are discussed. The forum will attract hundreds of well-known food companies, government food safety authorities and professional organizations to participate.

[Invite professional buyers and audience]

The key audiences invitation: government food safety authorities, food safety regulatory agencies, food quality supervision institutions, import and export food inspection and quarantine agencies, public health and medical institutions, business administration institutions, administrative departments of agriculture, food safety certification organization, food safety research institutions, universities, food production and processing enterprises, food import and export with traders, food wholesalers, traders, food ingredients and additives business, food storage and transportation and logistics companies, catering companies, food service operators, supermarkets, food retail dealer, the production base of agricultural products, animal husbandry, aquaculture base, food safety testing equipment dealer, IT service providers, industry associations, research and consulting, media.

[Media Partners]

The Alibaba food industry, Food Industry, A Miriam network, Volkswagen, Food Network, Food Safety Guide, Food Business Network, Chinese meat industry network, Chinese Food Merchants, test instruments, test instruments Business Network instrument procurement network of Chinese food, chemical apparatus, chromatography instruments Information Network, the home of the Chinese instrument, biological equipment, agriculture net.


The The organizers focused invite 1-5 strength exhibitors as sponsored and co-organized by co-organized in A grade, B grade, C grade, specific charges are available upon request.

Funded enterprises
RMB13800 / standard exhibition 9m2 (3m × 3m) light RMB1300/m2

Joint venture
RMB15800 / standard exhibition 9m2 (3m × 3m) light RMB1500/m2

Foreign-funded enterprises
Standard exhibition USD3000 / 9m2 (3m × 3m) light to USD300 / m2

Image booth
RMB9800 / field with high RMB16800 / 9m2 (3m × 3m) Technical Seminar

1 light (18m2 Qizu) configuration: exhibition venues, security, cleaning services;

2 Standard booth: exhibition space, three panels (2.5m high), fascia board, information desk, two chairs, nine square carpet, 220V power outlet, two spotlights;

Image Booth: To better display of corporate image, pavilion the special setting high configuration image of booth area.

4.5m high school wall board, the English light box fascia two tables and four chairs (consulting tables and glass round table), 220V power outlet, four spotlights, flowers, trash, booth full carpeted. 4. Allocation of booths principle: "first come, first pay, first arrangement" booth with 20% extra costs


1. In line with the exhibitors publicity and let customers know the exhibitors and communicate with after contact during the exhibition, the organizing committee will carefully compiled Conference Proceedings, the journal in addition to the visit to the site of the distribution of professionals to the industry department, agents, vendors, user units, research institutes, HS (school) and other units despatch of enterprises according to the specific circumstances recognized Gordon journal layout.

Cover 25,000 yuan closed 12,000 yuan 15,000 yuan title page

20,000 yuan back cover Inside front cover 10,000 yuan 6000 yuan color page

Participation Procedures

Floorplan and exhibitors contracts table obtained from the Organizing Committee, to fill the contract after the booth selection form and fax to the organizing committee official seal to verify your request, we will be receiving the contract table reserved application booth, booth, before principles apply for the first arrangement.