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2013 14th home health care exhibition in Beijing

Published:2013-03-04 15:50 Click:wait for……
summary:2013 14th home health care exhibition in Beijing Organizers: China Council for the Promotion of International Exchange of Healthcare Contractor Unit: Beijing Shibowei, Exhibition Co., Ltd. Meeting start time: 2013-10-7 The end of the meetin...
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2013 14th home health care exhibition in Beijing

Organizers: China Council for the Promotion of International Exchange of Healthcare
Contractor Unit: Beijing Shibowei, Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Meeting start time: 2013-10-7
The end of the meeting time :2013 -10-9
★ Past Review
Last Beijing show attracted more than 500 enterprises exhibitors, an exhibition of more than 22 thousand square meters, record the most. More than 20 relevant agencies and the Ministry of Health of the Chinese Embassy leadership, the leadership of the Ministry of Commerce, Development Research Center of the State Council leadership and more than 30,000 professional visitors from over 26 countries witnessed unprecedented event for this exhibition (to the Games Organizing Committee Request visited analysis report). The last show affects so many ministries leaders attach importance to the first case. Carefully nurtured the home healthcare exhibition held in Beijing Shibowei after 12 years, has reached operating specialization affect international, show the extent of the brand with the improvement of service quality and management level, our exhibitors, professional visitors the strong support, has become recognized as the industry's largest in Asia, the best, the most popular industry event.
★ Show Information
The era of high-speed development spurred the desire for health regression. Starting with the most basic demands of the people first upstairs, downstairs lamp phone development to the relentless pursuit of building a harmonious society, from the domestic Big Three, to the promotion of the health of low-carbon life applications, Shibowei home health care equipment exhibition came into being. The exhibition, a better vision for the demands of the spirit away from the pain farewell sub-healthy "for the majority of enterprises and channels, dealers build a common platform for the development of exchanges. Information: the next 10 years, the Chinese health products, especially home medical equipment spending will be on the basis of the current exponential growth, the formation of a one hundred billion value of compelling global market. Estimated the size of the 14th China International home health care equipment exhibition breakthrough twenty-five thousand square meters, exhibitors is expected to reach six hundred. Through cooperation with relevant international bodies of the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly, and vigorously to invite leading international technology companies participating in China, China International home medical care equipment exhibition development and strive to exhibition industry with global influence.
★ show organizers
Home healthcare exhibition by the Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co., Ltd. the exclusive contractor, since 2012, China International home medical equipment exhibition is divided into spring and autumn exhibition. The domestic branches Merchants. Set Merchants agency in South Korea, the United States, Taiwan and other overseas, is currently the largest home healthcare exhibition in Asia. The industry generally believe that the home healthcare exhibition by integrating various resources, to coordinate the relationship between businesses, distribution companies, consumers explore a new, convenient sales channels. To create a sound business environment, our staff unique experience Shibowei exhibition provides a full range of quality services. Regardless of booth size, you can enjoy our comfortable exhibition environment and efficient service. Welcome global industries and enterprises, associations, chambers of commerce, government and other related organizations and institutions to consult participate.
★ Exhibitors
1, all exhibitors exhibitors varieties should have producers and operators the term "health permits, business license, trademark registration, trademark license of the product from a legitimate approval documents. Comply with the relevant standard of exhibitors product quality after national recognized testing organizations.
2 to determine the need to exhibitors and the organizing committee staff contact, selected their own ideal booth, and then fill out the application and contract table, official seal, fax or mail to the organizing committee, the application form and shall be signed and sealed by the same with the validity of the contract, fax or photocopy effective.
3, booth allocation principles: first come, first pay, first confirmed!
4, in order to help customers to win market honor, expanding product sales, set the awards event of the Organizing Committee, who participated in the the China International Shibowei home healthcare exhibition customers may participate in the award of the General Assembly set the "Gold Award", "Top Ten brand integrity Pacesetter "Award; specified products, recommended products, scientific and technological innovation" award; "four new" Award; (please request) to the organizing committee.
5, in order to show the strength of the company, to establish a corporate image, the organizing committee has set up a title and co-organized program, the intention of enterprises related to the organizing committee for co-sponsored programs and return Ordinance
6, for the expansion of the Company's propaganda, the organizing committee free service provides your company website and official website link.
★ distributors, resellers and buyers:
In order to provide better service, welcome domestic and international distribution agents around the buyers around the world buyers submit proxy distribution agent intent application form, your information will be submitted to the manufacturer or distributor is investment, we will try to contribute to both the agency business cooperation. All submitted proxy intention to apply for the dealer, Assembly manufacturers directory products will receive a free copy of the CD-ROM and free publicity in the official website of the General Assembly, 6 months, and annually receive uninterrupted mail to the latest product information to help you to keep abreast of the industry dynamics.
★ professional audience sources:
1, strong reputation, have sales network terminal distributors, agents, trading companies, distributors, application, exclusively for centers.
2 large supermarkets, pharmaceutical business group, drug chains, specialty stores, community health service stations, health museum, gym, beauty salon, health management chain, private clubs, and customer service organizations, TV shopping channels, online shopping mall, trade service agencies , gift shops, an important buy units.
3, import and export trading companies, industry associations, the Beijing office of more than 50 provinces and cities, the SASAC central enterprises unions system, nursing homes, nursing homes, CDPF rehabilitation center for retired cadres health stations, military and political office building hospitals, convalescent center, social welfare institutions, sports academies and the the rehabilitation professional schools research institutions and health care equipment manufacturing enterprises and technical personnel and senior managers.
4, each hospital clinical inspection departments, CDC, diagnostic room, epidemic prevention station, blood bank, the Institute for Drug Control Equipment Management Division as well as research institutes, medical colleges and other health system procurement management
★ If you are following suppliers, is scheduled to stand:
Special settings: health care equipment direct marketing and experiential marketing exhibition, health management organizations Pavilion
Home treatment device]: far infrared therapeutic apparatus, magnetic therapy equipment, respiratory therapy, eye instrument, laser treatment, Therapy Machine, three high therapeutic apparatus, nearly amblyopia treatment, cervical and lumbar therapy instrument, high potential therapeutic apparatus , spectral radiation therapy equipment, biofeedback instrument, shortwave treatment instrument, sleep instrument, varicose veins treatment equipment, multi-function therapeutic apparatus and other home treatment device.
[The home detection equipment]: blood pressure, blood sugar tester, electronic thermometer, blood oxygen detector, a drop of blood detector, various detection reagents, cardiovascular detector, lipids detector, stethoscope, measure Jing Bao, contraceptive device, home electrocardiogram, health detector, pedometer home detector. And
Home health massage equipment: all kinds of massage, cervical drugs magnetic health, red teeth, Chinese medicine electrotherapy pad, sleep, bedding, clothing, protective gear, jewelry series with the treatment of health functions; electric massage chair / bed each kinds of massage supplies; blood circulation machine; foot tub, rejection fat belt; plantar physiotherapy apparatus; slimming belt; kneading pad and other home health care equipment;
[Home medical rehabilitation equipment: home oxygen machine vision hearing aids, cervical and lumbar traction, atomizer, physical therapy equipment, sleep device, functional bed chair, support, anti-bedsore mattresses, obstacles to lifting equipment, persons with disabilities cars, wheelchairs, crutches, electric scooter, walker, special bathroom equipment and other high-tech aids, as well as a variety of rehabilitation equipment and daily living aids, rehabilitation equipment.
Home health products: a variety of healthy small appliances; health functions nano, magnetic therapy, far infrared, negative ion, tourmaline, charcoal and other health textiles, sleep, bedding, clothing, protective gear, jewelry, sweat steaming series; Nano electrolysis multi-functional water, ionized water machines, straight drinking fountains, central water purification equipment, nano the ecological antimicrobial Cup, water treatment environmental series; health functional activation Cup, Energy Cup, health cup health care products.
Home care appliances: family rehabilitation nursing aids, women during pregnancy and baby care products, household dependent gas equipment; oxygen bottle, oxygen bag family first aid kit, daily care equipment, ambulatory physiotherapy equipment family care appliances
[Health RMON warning]: telemedicine systems and software, remote wireless health testing instruments, dynamic health monitor, remote health monitoring network platforms, etc.