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Ninth antibacterial disinfection technology Infection Contro…

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summary:Ninth antibacterial disinfection technology Infection Control and Prevention Medicine Exhibition Organizer: National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association Sponsor: Shanghai East Trade Exhibition Services Ltd. Meeting Venue: No....
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Ninth antibacterial disinfection technology Infection Control and Prevention Medicine Exhibition

Organizer: National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association
Sponsor: Shanghai East Trade Exhibition Services Ltd.

Meeting Venue: No. 99, Xingyi Road
Registration End Time: 2013-9-14
Conference Start Time: 2013-9-16
Meeting end time :2013 -9-18
Ninth antibacterial disinfection technology Infection Control and Prevention Medicine Exhibition

 16-18 September 2013 Shanghai World Trade Center (No. 99 Xingyi Road)

 Exhibition background

With the development of medical technology and the improvement of hospital infection control requirements, traditional disinfection methods can not meet the prevention needs of the modern hospital, in order to avoid environmental degradation and cross-infection, new antimicrobial technology and disinfection methods (microwave technology, irradiation technology, plasma, photocatalyst, ozone, acidic electrolyzed oxidizing water, etc.) are widely used in sterilized packaging of medical dressings used (equipment) is becoming increasingly important in surgical practice and clinical application process, which applies to 2332 Class II medical devices and consumption greatly conventional disposable medical and health supplies packaging (one-time use of sterile syringes, infusion bags, blood bags, latex products, surgical supplies, laboratory supplies, etc.) 30% annual growth rate will be reached very quickly, medical container demand and commonly used in medical products will also continue to maintain growth momentum, the plastic film has become one of the important raw material indispensable medical industry, expected medical packaging materials market value will reach 200 billion yuan in 2014, the market potential is huge.

The CIAD 2013 highlight antibacterial disinfection and new achievements in the field of preventive medicine, new technologies and new products, but also the hospital infection control to prevent cross-infection, environmental pollution control, the spread of the virus the way a high-level industry Symposium, will be widely invitation experts and scholars in related industries, manufacturers, suppliers, traders and professional buyers come to guide and improve the level of hospital management and to promote cooperation and exchange of supply and demand.

[Basic information]

Preparation time: September 2013 14-15

Exhibition Dates: September 2013 16-18

Venue: Shanghai World Trade Center (No. 99 Xingyi Road)

 Pavilion advantage

In Changning District, Shanghai Hongqiao Economic Development Zone in Shanghai Mart Exhibition Center (ShanghaiMart), south of the West Yan'an Elevated, north of Xingyi Road, East on Loushanguan Road, west of the export of Gubei Road, with a total construction area of 280,000 square meters, the indoor exhibition area of ​​40,000 square meters, is set exhibition, trading, conferences and other functions into one super exhibition spaces, one of the five largest exhibition hall in Shanghai.

 [Organizational structure]

 Organizer: National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association

                     Eisai Branch of the National Health Industry and Enterprise Management Association

Supported by: China Engineering Chemical Materials Research Center

Productivity Promotion Center of the National Chemical Industry

Shanghai Institute of microbiological analysis testing center

 Technical Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanghai Society of Biomedical Engineering

Primary Health Care Association in Shanghai

 Technology Association of Japan antibacterial products

Sponsor: Shanghai East Trade Exhibition Services Ltd.

 [Visit object]

1) of the National Development and Reform Commission, the national health administrative agencies, provincial / municipal / county Health Department, Health Bureau;

2) agencies, schools, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, community service agencies, the CDC, the epidemic prevention station, blood bank, the Institute for Drug Control, etc.;

3) the related construction and consulting services, design institutes, construction and installation, decorative design, construction, engineering and technical personnel;

4) Business Group, pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical supermarkets, drug retail outlets, trauma outpatient departments, medical and beauty shops;

5) regional distribution agents, import and export traders, research institutions, microbiological research institutions, industry media ...


First, the antimicrobial industry

1. Antibacterial products: organic antibacterial agents, inorganic antimicrobial agent, antiseptic and antibacterial agent, antibacterial agent, antimicrobial masterbatch, formaldehyde, etc.;

2. Antibacterial appliances, ceramic antibacterial, antimicrobial building materials (paint / floor / pipe), plastic antibacterial, antimicrobial textiles and cleaning supplies;

3. Antimicrobial the antibacterial materials: Antivirus material, sanitary materials, nano-materials, functional materials of new technologies, new products;

4. Sterilization system, ionizing radiation, ultraviolet, nano, ozone, filtration, heat, high temperature disinfection technology;

   Second, disinfection products

   1. Environment, air, tableware, biological, ultraviolet, ultrasonic, microwave disinfection hand disinfection (device), etc.;

2. Disinfectant, disinfectant, fungicide, algicide, disinfecting powder (chip), cleaning agents, antifouling agent;

3. Disinfection equipment: disinfection cabinet, high pressure sterilizer, freezers, refrigerated storage cabinet and disinfection materials;

Third, medical sterilization

Physical sterilization, heat sterilization (high pressure), filtration sterilization, irradiation sterilization, low-temperature plasma sterilization, disinfection the sterilized drug sterilization, ultrasonic cleaning, water and other liquids and sterilization products such as disposable sanitary products;
Fourth, the sterile pack
1. Medical dressings (instrument) disinfection bags, heat seal paper and plastic bags, disinfection tube bags, sterilization roll bag, medical dialysis paper, gummed paper, water-soluble hot melt adhesives, water-based glue, processing Laminating and medical composite abdominal, disinfection paper cups, biodegradable bags, containers and packaging; 2. Medical plastic packaging products: PE, PP, PET, PEN, PVA, PVC, PA, the PC such as polypropylene, polyolefin, plastic liquid flexible packaging, liquid cans / bottles, medical trays, plastic potty disposable medical environmentally friendly products;
3. Plastic packaging machine, sealing machine, cutting machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer, heat sealing machines and other packaging machinery;
V. Infection Control

1. Infection diagnostic techniques, isolation techniques, infection Pharmacy, cross infection control, protection and disposal technologies;

2. Microbiological testing technologies with applications, occupational protection and safety measures;

Participation Fee

1. Territory of exhibitors:

Standard booth (3m × 3m = 9m2): 9800 yuan

 Special booth (36m2 Light to accrue): 1200 yuan / m2

2. Overseas exhibitors

Standard booth (3m × 3m = 9m2): 2800 U.S. dollars

Special booth (36m2 Light to accrue): $ 280 / m2

3. Technical seminars: Exhibitors may choose to organize technical seminars or product launches during the Festival site. Each session time is not more than 120 minutes, 15,000 yuan / per game costs within the enterprise field, offshore enterprise US $ 2800.00 / games. Specific time application is made by the exhibitors, the organizers of the unified arrangement according to the chronological order of registration.