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2013 Chinese medical dressing supplies Conference and Exhibi…

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summary:2013 Chinese medical dressing supplies Conference and Exhibition Organizers: the Health Materials Branch of the Association of National Guardian enterprises, biological materials, Chinese Medical Association special committee Sponsor: Shang...
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2013 Chinese medical dressing supplies Conference and Exhibition

Organizers: the Health Materials Branch of the Association of National Guardian enterprises, biological materials, Chinese Medical Association special committee
Sponsor: Shanghai East Trade Exhibition Services Ltd.

Meeting Venue: Shanghai World Trade Center (No. 99 Xingyi Road)
Registration End Time: 2013-9-11
Conference Start Time: 2013-9-16
Meeting end time :2013 -9-18

Exhibition background

The global medical dressings (sanitary materials) supplies is indispensable to the health care system, is one of the staple products of hospital procurement, according to statistics, the Chinese medical dressing (sanitary materials) have been exported to more than 130 countries and regions in the world, accounting for the international market share of about 65% in the first half of 2012, the monthly export of medical dressings amounted to $ 200 million, an increase of 108.25% in the low-end dressing (cotton wool, gauze, bandages, cotton surgical towels, nonwoven face masks, Geli Fu etc.) accounted for 70% of the export volume, high value-added products, low technology content, high-end functionality of biological dressings (hydrogels, hydrocolloids, transparent dressings, hemostatic material, anti-microbial, bionic organs, sterile surgical catgut kelp products) urgent R & D into production, led a new upgrade of the industry.

Exhibition introduction

By the national guard HKCEA Health Materials Branch, organized by the Chinese Medical Association special committee of the biological material, Dongmao Exhibition Services Ltd. "CHMTA international medical supplies and sanitation materials exhibition has been successfully held 25 sessions, in order to adapt to the development of the industry and international standards, renamed as "the medical dressings supplies general business platform for the production and processing of domestic and foreign medical dressings and traders products exhibition, trade negotiations, investment and cooperation, clinical application is not open or missing, the exhibition covers traditional dressing, adhesive dressings , invasive care materials, hands supplies, functional biological materials and high value-added products, such as industrial chain, bringing together more than 1,200 industry brand and OEM manufacturers, in September every year regularly held in Shanghai, called the "Asia-Pacific medical dressing supplies first an Exhibition. "

[Basic information]

Preparation time: September 2013 14-15

Exhibition Dates: September 2013 16-18

Venue: Shanghai World Trade Center (No. 99 Xingyi Road)

Pavilion advantage

In Changning District, Shanghai Hongqiao Economic Development Zone in Shanghai Mart Exhibition Center (ShanghaiMart), south of the West Yan'an Elevated, north of Xingyi Road, East on Loushanguan Road, west of the export of Gubei Road, with a total construction area of 280,000 square meters, the indoor exhibition area of ​​40,000 square meters, is set exhibition, trading, conferences and other functions into one super exhibition spaces, one of the five largest exhibition hall in Shanghai.

[Exhibition scale]

 The exhibition will reach 16,000 square meters, more than 700 booths.

[Organizational structure]

Organizers: National health HKCEA Health Materials Branch

          Chinese Medical Association special committee of the biological material.

Supported by: China Center for Disease Control

Chinese Preventive Medical Association Shanghai Branch

China Plastic Association special committee of medical plastic

Shanghai Pharmaceutical Biomaterials Research Center

China International Institute for Healthcare

Nurses Association of Shanghai

Sponsors International Group Co., Ltd.: Hong Kong Bazheng Church

Sponsor: Shanghai East Trade Exhibition Services Ltd.

[Visit object]

National Development and Reform Commission, the national health administrative agencies, provincial / municipal / county Health Department, Health Bureau;
Hospitals and clinics, community health service agencies, the CDC, epidemic prevention station, blood bank, the Institute for Drug Control, medical schools, research institutions academic exchange of scientific and technical personnel;
Medical equipment shops, local distributors, regional distributors, import and export traders, investment institutions, industry, media;
Letter of invitation to each of the various medical business groups, pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical chain management companies, drug chains, pharmaceutical supermarkets, drug retail outlets trauma patient department, medical and cosmetic shops on the downstream end customers and other service organizations;

Wound dressings: a variety of burns, burns, ulcers, bed sores, wounds, wound dressings, biological fluid the dressings film, wound healing, film, bone injuries more film, silicone gel, collagen sponge, scars film, scars patch, cold hot plaster and so on;
Function dressings: liquid dressings, chitosan, chitin, infusion film, obstetrics umbilical biological hemostasis film;
Biological material: biodegradable materials, intervention materials, drug material, drug delivery preparations;
Surgical supplies: PVC medical gloves, surgical kits, plastic products, surgical gowns (cap), surgical film / pad single / hole towel;
Paste material: medical adhesive plaster, breathable tape, medical non-sensitive tape / paper-based tape, surgical anti-adhesion washing fluid;
Invasive care materials: medical cotton balls, cotton swabs, bandages, band-aid, first aid kits, absorbent cotton, absorbent gauze, gauze pads;
Medical Textiles: medical bed sheets, quilt cover, protective clothing, protective masks, gowns, tablecloths, bibs, aprons, etc.;
The medical nonwovens: a variety of medical (spunlace, hot rolling, spunbond, stretch, plain weave, Papua, absorbent cotton) non-woven hydrophilic non-woven fabric, SMS non-woven fabrics, meltblown nonwoven roll , sheet and after the treatment of non-woven products;
Dressing machinery: wet wipes packaging machines, medical Band-Aid, machines, infusion paste machine, slicing machine, rewinding machine, ultrasonic mask machine, medical gauze folding machine, packet processing equipment such as cotton, mattress machine;
Medical packaging: medical sterilization packaging: medical sterilization bag, medical dialysis paper, condensate film paper, ziplock, composite aluminum foil, infection diagnostic techniques, isolation technology, protection technology and cross-infection and disposal technologies;
Participation Fee

1. Domestic exhibitors

Standard booth (3m × 3m = 9m2): 9800 yuan special booth (36m2 Light to accrue): 1000 yuan / m2

2. Overseas exhibitors

Standard booth (3m × 3m = 9m2): 2800 dollars special booth (36m2 Light to accrue): $ 280 / m2

3. Technical Seminar

Exhibitors may choose to organize technical seminars or product launches during the Festival site. Each session time is not more than 120 minutes, 15,000 yuan / per game costs within the enterprise field, offshore enterprise US $ 2800.00 / games. Specific time application is made by the exhibitors, the organizers of the unified arrangement according to the chronological order of registration.