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2013 Eighth medical waste processing technology and equipmen…

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summary:2013 Eighth medical waste processing technology and equipment in China (Shanghai) Exhibition Organizer: National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association Health Materials Branch Sponsor: Shanghai East Trade Exhibition Services Ltd....
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2013 Eighth medical waste processing technology and equipment in China (Shanghai) Exhibition

Organizer: National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association Health Materials Branch
Sponsor: Shanghai East Trade Exhibition Services Ltd.

Conference Venue: Shanghai World Trade Center (No. 99 Xingyi Road) address;
Registration End Time: 2013-9-16
Conference Start Time: 2013-9-16
Meeting end time :2013 -9-18

Low-carbon environmental health medical

The 8th China Medical Waste Processing Technology and Equipment Expo

  2013 Eighth medical waste processing technology and equipment in China (Shanghai) Exhibition

                    16-18 September 2013 Venue: Shanghai World Trade Center (No. 99 Xingyi Road)

[Market Analysis]

According to the national "12th Five-Year Development Goals, the low-carbon emissions, environmental protection and energy-saving products, and utilization of new energy will be to develop, in order to follow the historical trend and trends, and promote the construction of future green hospital to expedite the implementation of China's green hospital construction pace the first to achieve the harmony and unity of the internal quality and external environment, reflects the modern, humane, multifunctional energy-saving, environmental protection, architectural concepts of civilization, the waste disposal of medical waste is the recycling and reuse of waste resources develop recycling economy and building a conservation-minded society, this state has increased investment in the medical waste treatment, "Twelfth Five-Year" period, China's environmental protection industry, the scale of investment reached 3.1 trillion yuan, the Chinese medicine waste processing industry reached 800 billion yuan, the annual growth rate of more than 18%, and medical waste disposal market has witnessed a substantial increase from the import of the market into the growth stage, the penetration rate is significantly improved investment prospects of the medical waste treatment industry is very broad.

Exhibition introduction

The CSE2013 is the sponsored National Health Industry and Enterprise Management Association Health Branch of the only health care industry resource utilization and selection of equipment centralized bidding exhibition, annually held in Shanghai on a regular basis in September, brought together a large number of industry-leading technology, after years of continuous organized and brand manufacturers, most professional, technology and internationalization, new technologies, improve the overall green hospital building and equipment and waste disposal infrastructure applications, engineering technology, energy saving and environmental protection, medical waste processing information exchanges play an active role, become the preferred exhibition between government agencies, health systems, hospital managers and suppliers.

[Basic information]

Preparation time: September 2013 14-15

Exhibition Dates: September 2013 16-18

Venue: Shanghai World Trade Center (No. 99 Xingyi Road)

[Exhibition scale]

    The exhibition scale reached 15,000 square meters, nearly 600 booths.

[Organizational structure]

Organizer: National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association Health Materials Branch

Support units: provinces and municipalities Hospital Management Association

Provinces and municipalities Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation

Provinces and cities Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Provinces and municipalities City Appearance and Environmental Health Association

Provincial and municipal health system Logistics Management Association

Yangtze River Delta city group Health Authority

Yangtze River Delta environmental protection industry alliance

International Pollution Control Association Union (ICCCS),

Sponsor: Shanghai East Trade Exhibition Services Ltd.

[Visit object]

1), invited the provincial and municipal Development and Reform Commission, Health Department (Bureau), the Department of Environmental Protection (Bureau), building department (bureau), Construction, Urban Management Bureau, the Public Utilities Board, Water Authority, the top three or more hospitals, Health Authority, CDC, research institutions, medical institutions, epidemic prevention station, blood transfusion stations, environmental testing centers (stations), waste disposal the stations (incineration center), Sanitation Management Office (sanitation are), sanitation companies, waste disposal sites (landfill), municipal responsible for project supervision, CDM Project Service Center;

2), particularly associated with users and in hospital construction and engineering design, renovation, construction, installation, maintenance, supervision, the person in charge of the testing organizations in various fields within the engineering department, the Ministry of environmental protection and energy saving, clean room engineering, purification products, manufacturers , traders, distributors and service providers one by one issued invitation to visit;


1, the classification of medical waste collection, storage, transport, crushing, incineration, combustion, biochemical processing device;

2, medical waste water, waste gas treatment technology, pollution-line monitoring system, hazardous materials control equipment;

3, toxic, harmful gases (liquid), radioactive substances, noise control and sound processing;

Medical water, drinking water, sterile water, and water-saving technologies, automatic dosing devices, water supply network engineering;

, Medical waste sanitary landfill cleanup, dry incineration, sterilization equipment, ultrasonic cleaning, medical waste disposal technology;

6, syringes disfigurement machine, tool boxes, medical waste bags, garbage cans, turnover boxes, disposable medical plastic packaging containers;

7, biodegradable plastic products, acoustic noise reduction, sound-absorbing material and environmental purification materials;

Medical waste collection vehicles, washing vehicles, water truck, transit vehicles;

Medical waste treatment technology Forum 2013】

To promote the exchange of medical waste processing technologies, "medical waste handling high-level forum of new technology, new equipment, in-depth insight into the current state of the industry, to create a platform of supply and demand; access to the enterprise to solve key technical problems and programs will be organized at the exhibition site, Recommend the top high-tech, and create a bigger market for your product;

Main elements: policy interpretation and market analysis, medical waste treatment technology to promote the expansion of the market, CDM projects, the main invite competent leaders, experts, academics, chief engineer and technical personnel to expand the topics discuss;