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2013 the Thirteenth China (Beijing) Medical Equipment Fair…

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summary:2013 the Thirteenth China (Beijing) Medical Equipment Fair Organizer: Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, Beijing Medical Association Sponsor: Shanghai Exhibition Asia Exhibition Services Ltd. Conference venue: North Third Ring Road, Chaoyang...
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2013 the Thirteenth China (Beijing) Medical Equipment Fair

Organizer: Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, Beijing Medical Association
Sponsor: Shanghai Exhibition Asia Exhibition Services Ltd.

Conference venue: North Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, the 6th meeting of address;
Registration End Time: 2013-9-3
Meeting start time: 2013-9-2
The end of the meeting time :2013 -9-4

CMEH 2013 Thirteenth (Beijing), China Medical Equipment Fair

Time: September 2, 2013 to 4 Location: Beijing • China International Exhibition Centre
【Summary】 by the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, Beijing Medical Association, Shanghai Zhanya Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. jointly organized CMEH Thirteenth China (Beijing) Medical Equipment Exhibition will be held in Beijing on September 2, 2013 to 4 • China International Exhibition Center was held. CMEH industry associations as the exhibition title, hope all units actively enrolled in 2013, China's medical device industry's most exhibitors value.
With authoritative industry analysts believe that the medical device industry has great potential and is in the integrated development of critical points, during the second five will vigorously support the development of the domestic medical equipment market, the implementation of centralized bidding and procurement priority purchasing domestic medical equipment. Also laid the foundation for the development of the market for the medical device industry.
 Beijing is the capital of China, always walk in front of the high-end medical equipment industry, is to improve the status of China's medical device industry, the majority of users and peer decisive influence, promote competition and the development of China's medical device industry in the international market, with important historical significance.
Event, CMEH as the largest and most influential in the field of medical equipment exhibition will integrate resources for medical equipment manufacturers at home and abroad to provide a can do both export the domestic trade platform show the same period will be invited to government departments, hospitals, professors, experts , academics, vendors held more than 30 new products, technology and import and export trade procurement laws and regulations seminar. With the exhibition has expanded each year, increasing exhibitors, CMEH annually attracts tens of thousands of domestic and foreign medical device industry distributors, agents, hospital buyers, government procurement sector professionals to visit.
• organizations CMEH 2013.
Approved by / Organizer: Beijing Municipal Health Bureau / Beijing Medical Association (Chinese Medical Association Beijing Branch)
Co-organizers: Beijing Medical Association emission credits will be Beijing Medical Imaging Technology Branch
The Beijing Medical anesthesia credits Medical Association electrocardiogram credits will be
Support units: of Shanxi Medical Devices Association, China Association for Medical Devices of Zhejiang Medical Devices Association
Jiangsu Association for Medical Devices, of Hebei Medical Devices Association Guangdong Association for Medical Devices
Tianjin Medical Devices Association Shandong Medical Devices Association
Sponsor: Shanghai Exhibition Asia Exhibition Services Ltd.
The exhibition is one of the most direct and effective means of marketing at the same time, the location of the medical device industry suppliers and buyers together to participate CMEH you will have the opportunity to work with an audience of more than 30,000 face-to-face negotiations, CMEH 2013 worthy of your participation.
• Why you should attend CMEH 2013
Suppliers can:
★ acquainted through "CMEH Exhibition" low-cost access to high-quality buyers to become suppliers of many potential foreign buyers;
★ by the "CMEH exhibition can communicate face-to-face with buyers to understand the needs of buyers, strategic and procurement trends;
★ the the "CMEH Exhibition Contact delivered to the participants of the buyers and corporate culture, which is a minimum cost of sales opportunities;
Suppliers can also:
◆ site deal: Show time is short, but direct face-to-face talks with the business, to facilitate an agreement or intention;
◆ corporate and product promotion: Fair is a three-dimensional advertising, to enhance buyers understanding of products, services, fit to stand;
◆ establish a corporate image: in the same industry and user to establish a good corporate image, enhance the status of the industry;
◆ deepen the understanding of the market: in exchange with buyers to understand the needs of the market and the potential to be intuitive and accurate than the day-to-day market research;
◆ market development, establish marketing channels, the use of market and looking for customers to participate in exhibition development, identifying agents or joint venture partners;
◆ broaden the international perspective: effective platform to achieve international cooperation, to make the product more accurate and businesses going global;
◆ supply and demand relationship interaction: the meeting together with your past customers or supply units can be convenient for you to interact with the appreciation event;
◆ learning and development experience: Compared with other suppliers, to understand other people's experience in enterprise development;
◆ opportunities - Focus on Beijing, domestic and foreign buyers gather international strength will be fully highlight the unique medical device industry platform;
◆ Technical Fair - the latest products and achievements Fair, Exhibition - Forum - economic and trade cooperation is an efficient platform for the publicity and marketing;
◆ showcase the latest products and technologies, and to establish and consolidate the company's image;
◆ get the most value from technology and procurement on behalf of the application industry market feedback information;
◆ to provide exhibitors with a demonstration of products and investigate market opportunities, and to provide a knowledge platform for buyers;
◆ grasp from industry, research institutions, and organizations a valuable opportunity for contact groups and government officials;
◆ benefit from a series of high-level meetings, seminars; professional visitors and buyers to establish cooperation and exchange opportunities;
◆ work closely together with the organizers and the media, so that you get more attention during the exhibition;
◆ with agents from China and the Asia-Pacific region, the channels, system integrators and solution providers to seek cooperation;
• Schedule CMEH 2013
Registration exhibit: August 31, 2013 - September 1, the opening ceremony: 2013, September 2 (9:00-9:30)
Exhibition: September 2, 2013 - September 4, 2011 Move-out: the afternoon of September 4, 2013
• Show Overview CMEH 2013.
CMEH exhibition with the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, Beijing Medical Association cooperation strong combination to work together to build a national luxury medical equipment exhibition lineup.
Beijing Medical Association is the professional medical industry associations institutions, strong organizational skills and the audience invited to experience medical equipment exhibition.
The last show was successfully concluded in Beijing China International Exhibition Center on September 26, 2012 -28 days. More than 10,000 square meters of exhibition area, known enterprises: Mercedes - Benz ambulance, Panasonic Waterhouse building, the three Sino Biological, Top Glove Group, resistant solid medical equipment, Beijing Ou Linda, ideal for scientific, state Germany medical instruments, Shandong Xinhua, number Figure diagnostic, Beijing Fu Xinghua, Guiter Insein Branch are Ling Huaneng medical equipment, Siemens Medical Systems, eight music dream bed industry, General Electric Medical Systems, Kimberly-Clark, Kodak, the U.S. Cross MD, United States Tektronix Ward, United States also reached telemedicine, Stryker, USA, Italy MEDEL, the diving medical devices, Finland Decker of Thai poetry Dong Group, Malaysia Hartalega, Shanghai Medical Instrument Factory Co., Ltd., Hong Tat International the medical, medical Intco, thermal pulse medical Prius Star Medical Kangtai, Jinqiao information first provisional three-dimensional, Jiangsu New honglian Group, Han's three-dimensional to the State Science and Technology, the World Source Technology CHENG Kang Fu, Dunlop Medical force new instrument, eighty Island PROCEED, Pan Yu bit music, love Boom International, love to fly New York medical, Sino-US special new medical, the Miller Medical Devices, Dean Medical; audience mainly from India, Korea, Japan , Thailand, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, the Middle East, Africa and Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, the Mainland; Organizing Committee in the extension of the exhibition survey of exhibitors information shows that: 82% of the exhibitors to display the results of the current exhibition satisfaction, 80% of the exhibitors have expressed interest again in the next exhibition, 70% of the exhibitors have a greater advantage that the year-on-year this other show exhibition; audience information survey showed that: 90% of the audience expressed their willingness to recommend this exhibition to business partners or colleagues, 79% of the audience that will visit the 2013 show that 78% of the audience that the show with an advantage compared to other exhibitions, 75% of the audience that the show has the most complete range of exhibits , 70% of the audience that the show is in a leadership position in the industry.

• Exhibitors range "as long as your product relates to the medical industry can participate in this exhibition
Medical devices: new types of medical equipment and medical ancillary equipment, cardiac care, medical imaging and biochemical analytical instruments, sphygmomanometers and thermometers all types of home medical equipment;
Diagnosis and treatment equipment: X-ray diagnosis inspection equipment, ultrasonic diagnosis, nuclear medicine, endoscope system, ENT governance instruments, dynamic analytical instrumentation, cryogenic equipment, dialysis equipment, first aid equipment, etc.;
● ward care equipment and appliances: various types of beds, cabinets, dental chairs, beds, etc.;
Auxiliary equipment: sterilization products, the oxygen oxygen equipment, blood bank equipment, medical data and image processing equipment, rehabilitation equipment, disabled equipment, etc.;
● oral medical devices: the dental diagnostic medical equipment, dental surgical instruments, dental technicians equipment;
● Hospital telemedicine systems, hospitals, medical information systems, hospitals, office automation system;
● medical dressings: medical bandages, gauze, masks, surgical gowns, medical adhesive plaster, bandage, cotton balls, medical gloves, surgical protective film, medical breathable tape, adhesive applicator, disposable syringes, infusion sets;
● Ophthalmic medical equipment, orthopedic medical devices, diagnostic laboratory instruments and diagnostic reagents;
● operating room, emergency room, exam room equipment and apparatus;
● medical media for medical software and information processing systems and related services;
• Participation Fee (Note: a booth with 20% extra cost) with a minimum of cost, to create the most valuable results "
The booth type domestic enterprises, joint ventures of foreign enterprises
The standard booth ¥ 12800 yuan / 9m2 ¥ 25800 / 9m2 USD4800 / 9m2
Deluxe Standard booth ¥ 15800 yuan / 9m2 ¥ 28800 / 9m2 USD5280 / 9m2
Indoor light (36m2 minimum) ¥ 1300 yuan / m2 $ 2600, $ / m2 USD480 / m2
Standard booth: three panels, a negotiating table, chairs, fascia board in English, two spotlights, 220V/5A power outlet, booth carpet ;) additional expenses borne by the exhibitors.
Empty space costs include: exhibition space, carpet, security services, booth cleaning services.