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Air conditioning heat sink with a large number of pathogens…

Published:2013-06-28 17:16 Click:wait for……
summary:Air conditioning heat sink with a large number of pathogens should be washed off anti PM2.5 Earlier this year, the fog and haze, enabling the public to air quality anomalies attention. However, the Institute of Environmental Engineering, Zh...
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Air conditioning heat sink with a large number of pathogens should be washed off anti PM2.5

Earlier this year, the fog and haze, enabling the public to air quality anomalies attention. However, the Institute of Environmental Engineering, Zhejiang University, Associate Professor Zhaowei Rong warned that the public concerned about the outdoor air, they need to focus on indoor air quality. Especially in the summer, open air before being in order to prevent indoor air pollution, the need for air cleaning.

Air conditioning running, a large number of pathogens on the heatsink ejected from the outlet, permeates every corner of the room, people long stay in air-conditioned environment, you will feel dizziness, fatigue, decreased immunity, severe suffering from diseases such as respiratory tract infections . Air conditioning heat sink contains a lot of bacteria, the bacteria will be accompanied by the air conditioning operation is blown in the air.

Air conditioning in use for some time, filters, evaporator and air supply system will accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, resulting in a large number of bacteria, viruses. With these harmful substances in indoor air circulation, air pollution, spread of disease, serious harm to human health. The dirt will reduce the air conditioning cooling efficiency, increase energy, reduce air conditioning service life. Therefore, the air conditioning in use for some time or seasonal shutdown, must be cleaned. So as to ensure that you have a high quality, comfortable, safe air environment.

In mid-June, Fudan University School of Public Health laboratory, experimental operator is testing a household air of bacteria and fungi. In a closed glass window environment, air-conditioning after 120 hours continuous operation, the air outlet is on the glass window has been covered with black mold spots. In Beijing, about 80% of household air-conditioning heat sink excessive bacteria and fungi. This is the main cause of indoor pollution.

Yesterday, in the "home security air disinfection Season - 2013 Summer Family Indoor Air Improvement Program" launch ceremony, one of the organizers, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences Branch of the indoor environment and health research report released shows that pollution is the cause of air conditioning systems indoor microbial contamination of the important reasons.

China Environmental Science Institute of Indoor Environment and Health Branch, vice president Professor Zhang Yinping introduction, air conditioning system filters, coolers, condensate drain pan, drain, wet fins and humidifiers are easy to breed bacteria and mold microorganisms such places. With the air-conditioning system operation, these microorganisms into the room through the air supply system, a source of microbial contamination room.

Air conditioning in operation, not only due to internal electrostatic dust, and always maintained and the outside airflow and heat exchange, dust pollution in the environment is very easy to enter the air conditioner indoor unit evaporator, the outdoor unit of time outdoors, sun and rain, clogged with dust, all household appliances, air-conditioning is the most polluted dust.

For Beijing and Shenzhen City home air conditioning household survey found that 88% of the total number of bacteria exceeded the air-conditioning heat sink, air conditioning heatsink bacteria were detected up to 91250.00cfu/cm2, the average value has reached 3866.48cfu/cm2, more than limits (total number of bacteria per square centimeter ≤ 100cfu/cm2) nearly 40 times, the most serious of nearly a thousand times exceeded. In addition, 84% of the total number of air-conditioning heat sink fungi exceeded.

In addition, the researchers found that people's feelings, use of air conditioning crowd than not using air conditioning control populations more susceptible to dizziness, irritability, fatigue, chest tightness, shortness of breath and other 12 types of discomfort.

In this regard, the experts warn that can take advantage of local air movement generated by the fan to improve the human thermal satisfaction; if the heat of the need of air conditioners, air conditioning fan can use artificial means of regulation. If the continuous use of air conditioning after a certain time, it is timely ventilation window. In addition, air-conditioning equipment to be regularly cleaned and disinfected to prevent air filters and other parts bacteria, microbes cause indoor air pollution.

Professional organizations told Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and on-site household survey found that household air conditioners, air conditioning heat sink 88 percent exceeded the total number of bacteria, 84% of the total number of air-conditioning heat sink mold exceeded. In order to minimize air microbial contamination hazards, Zhaowei Rong recommended daily lives should open the window ventilation and air conditioning alternately. Air conditioning during the day, should be changed every 2 to 3 hours 15 to 30 minutes ventilation window; evening is best not to open all night, the next morning to timely ventilation window.

Now comes the summer, air conditioning use the upcoming summit, it is recommended prior to cleaning and disinfection at the open air filter and heat sink. Specifically, the open air vent housing, remove the filter washed with tap water; For non-removable fins can be sprayed with disinfectant dedicated air-conditioning, refrigeration and air conditioning turned on for 30 minutes, after cleaning the dirty water directly by condensation water discharge. Needs of the public each year when seasonal or air conditioning for the first time before starting to clean and disinfect the air conditioning, but the air is heavily used in the summer season, it is best cleaned once a month on the air conditioning