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The 49th JEC Composites Show & Conferences 2013 in Paris…

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summary:2013 The 49th Paris JEC Composites and new materials Show (JEC 2013) The 49th JEC Composites Show Conferences 2013 in Paris France The 【Basic information] Show time: March 2013 12-14 Venue: Paris Porte de Versailles exhibition center Orga...
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2013 The 49th Paris JEC Composites and new materials Show (JEC 2013)

The 49th JEC Composites Show & Conferences 2013 in Paris France


The 【Basic information]

Show time: March 2013 12-14

Venue: Paris Porte de Versailles exhibition center


Organizer: JEC Composites Development Association in France, France JEC Group

The MICE Industry Management Co., Ltd. for the tour: China Composites Association, Xinde

Exhibition period: One year term (the year of the 49th)

Deadline: October 26, 2012


【Market opportunities]


New materials for one of the three common key technologies of the 21st century has become a rapidly growing source of global economic power and strategic focus to enhance the core competitiveness.

Material as the basis of the manufacturing sector, in particular, the level and scale of the new materials research and industrial development, has become an important measure of a country's scientific and technological progress and the overall strength of the flag.

In the development and application of new materials, composite materials played a very important role, particularly wide range of applications in the field of construction, aviation, aerospace, weapons, cars, ships, chemicals, agriculture, has been the importance of the world to give priority to the development and intense competition. industries. 


[This exhibition Introduction] 

France JEC Composites Show "(JEC Composites Show Paris) was founded in 1963, is held annually, organized in 2012, a total of 48 sessions, the organizers France JEC Composites Development Association / JEC Group, China's total Pavilion exhibitors organizational unit BIOSTAR Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd., with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, and is responsible for the exhibition promotion and investment work .JEC Composites Show is the world's longest established, largest composites industry professional exhibitions, display and reflect the latest technology and the application of the results of the current composites industry.

JEC Composites Show Europe is committed to creating a composite exchange based trading platform. In the recent 10 years, the number of visitors increased by 86 percent, the audience sources most countries were Germany, Britain, Italy, Belgium, the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Russia and China. Concerned about the composite industry as automobile manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing and construction materials. Exhibits applications mostly for the automotive, marine pleasure craft, aerospace, construction materials, rail transportation, wind power, leisure products, pipeline and electricity, radiation industry wide is unmatched by other similar event. JEC Composites Show is the only exhibition, a global composite industry together also a composite application providers and suppliers, related researchers and experts exchange platform, or a corporate logo towards internationalization and means.

Held in March 2012, the 48th session of JEC exhibition Exhibitors 1120 32000 professional visitors, the exhibition area of ​​48,500 square meters, showcasing the latest technology in the industry, new materials, new techniques, new methods, held at the same rich academic exchange activities, comprehensive presentation of the latest international industry dynamics and trends.


In order to enhance the exchanges and cooperation of the composites industry at home and abroad, and to showcase the developments and achievements of the composite materials industry in China, to help domestic enterprises to expand their domestic and foreign markets, the China Composites Association, Ying Tak International Exhibition Group (YOND EXPO) representative office in Beijing for almost decade organizing Chinese enterprises to participate in the exhibition, the China Composites Group, Sinoma Science and Technology, China Steel Group, China Building Materials Group, China Commercial Aircraft, Beijing glass Steel Institute, Shanghai Genius New Materials Group, Chongqing International Composites, Central South Holding Group, Qinhuangdao Yaohua FRP, Yantai Spandex, Tianma Group, East China University of Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Jushi Group, China Metallurgical Group, Sinar Mas Group, Jiangsu Hengli God fibrous material, Chongqing University, Shanghai FRP Research Institute, Central South University, Harbin FRP Research Institute, and many other industry giants and renowned institutions provide quality and efficient offshore Trade and Exhibition Services. 49th, 2013 in Paris, France JEC Composites Show and Conference will be 12-14 March 2012 at the Paris Exhibition and Conference Centre again held units and industry across the country are invited to join we China's total pavilions to exhibitors to visit.

[Calendar session REVIEW]

Exhibitors more than 900 in 2008, 25,500 professional visitors, an exhibition area of ​​36,500 square meters.

2009 exhibitors over 1000 professional audience of 27,336 people, an exhibition area of ​​39,000 square meters.

2010 Exhibitors 1053 professional audience of 30,000 people, an exhibition area of ​​43,500 square meters.

2011 Exhibitors 1120 32000 professional visitors, the exhibition area of ​​48,500 square meters.


[Show product range]

◆ Composite / FRP industrial raw materials and production equipment: a resin, fiber raw yarn, roving, fabric, felt sheet, various fiber wetting agents, surface treatment agents, crosslinking agents, mold release agents and other various additives, fillers and the kinds of pigment, premix, prepregs, as well as the raw materials production technology and equipment;

◆ composite / FRP production technology and equipment: hand lay-up, spray, winding, molding, injection, pultrusion, RTM, LFT and other types of new molding technology and equipment; honeycomb, foam, sandwich technique and process equipment, composite material machining equipment, mold design and processing technologies;

◆ glass fiber / fiberglass / basalt fiber products: glass fiber raw materials, fiberglass chemical raw materials, fiberglass mechanical, fiberglass equipment, fiberglass products, fiberglass reinforced cement, glass fiber reinforced gypsum products. Glass fiber cloth, glass mat, glass fiber tube, glass fiber tape, glass fiber rope, fiberglass and glass fiber production and processing machinery and equipment, and special equipment, etc.;

◆ FRP / composite quality control: product quality inspection technology and equipment, production automation control software, quality monitoring technology, non-destructive testing techniques and instruments;

◆ products and application examples: composite / FRP products for new construction, corrosion engineering, automobiles and other vehicles, boats, aerospace, aviation, defense, machinery, electronics, agriculture, forestry, fishing, sports equipment, daily life and other fields the new design and application;

◆ metal matrix and ceramic matrix composite products and technology, environmental protection, energy conservation, recycling technology and equipment. 


【Exhibitors procedures]

1. Apply for participation units should carefully fill out abroad application form "and send abroad exhibitors statements", signed by the leadership and official seal, the registration deadline September 26, 2012 by mail or fax to the BIOSTAR Exhibition Group China Office,

2. Submit overseas exhibitors application form within two working days, Registration fee, participation fee be remitted to the Division I account. Remittance, please specify "Show Name". Exhibitors specification with reference to the international exhibition, the spirit of exhibitors voluntary, the principle of risk-sharing, enrollment Back exhibition unit, Registration fee will not be refunded. Units the registration deadline Back exhibition, booth and related costs will not be refunded.

3. Division I after the receipt of the two forms and fees will be unified to each booth exhibitors to confirm arrangements related matters. Booth allocation will consider the registration and payment priorities. Division I reserved the booth allocation of powers.

4. Exhibitors must be compatible with the work of Division I of the tour, to inform specified time, all the formalities (such as: pay the participation fee, passport and visa applications, arrange transport of exhibits, confirm the itinerary). Exhibitors exhibitors failed to complete the formalities within the stipulated time, the work can not be carried out smoothly, exhibitors accept full responsibility.

5. Exhibitors all the formalities in the Division I informed within the specified time, the result in not participating, I will reduce the loss of exhibitors consider all exhibitors visa rejections, properly handled, but has occurred and can not be cancellation costs borne by the exhibitors.

6. Exhibitors for failing formalities in Division I informed within the specified time or other causes not participating, in addition to the two handle, exhibitors must also bear other costs incurred. We reserve the processing power of its booth.

7. Exhibitors consciously abide by the exhibition of the laws and regulations of the host country. Respect for the intellectual property rights of others, infringing or potentially infringing products and technologies on display is not in the show, and at the same time, strengthen the protection of their own intellectual property rights. Exhibitors legal disputes caused due to violations of the (allegedly infringing) own solution, and has nothing to do with our company.

8. Lead to a development plan can not fulfill the obligations due to force majeure or non-Division I (BIOSTAR Exhibition), I shall promptly notify the exhibitors, and return the balance, exhibitors have been delivered, in addition to the expenses incurred.

Paris, Introduction]

2013, 49th, Paris, France JEC Composites Show and Conference will be held at the Paris Exhibition and Conference Centre, "March 2013, 12-14, International Convention and Exhibition BIOSTAR Group's Beijing Representative Office invites all relevant units Join our Pavilion to exhibitors to visit.


The city of Paris is the capital of France and continental Europe's largest city, but also the political and cultural center of France, is one of the most prosperous city in the world. Paris is also France 75 provinces, belong to the Ile-de. The Paris Metropolitan is one of Europe's largest metropolitan area.

Ancient times, brought together from all over the world have dreams and ambitions of young people to Paris, where they had to realize their dreams, there have been disappointed, however, as Lierke once said, "Paris is an unparalleled city. "


Paris is France's largest industrial and commercial city. The northern suburb of the main manufacturing area. The most developed manufacturing projects in the automotive, electrical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other. Luxury goods production in second place, and are mainly concentrated in the downtown district; precious metal utensils, leather goods, porcelain, clothing and other products. Peripheral urban specializes in the production of furniture, shoes, precision tools, optical instruments and other. The printing and publishing industry is concentrated in the Latin Quarter and Remy Street. Paris (city) movie production accounted for three-quarters of the total production of the French film. Paris headquarters of most of the banks, the insurance companies (including the French banks and stock exchanges) are located in the "market" (1183 ─ 1969 for the center on the west side of the market).


Paris has 50 theaters, 200 cinemas, 15 concert halls. The Paris Opera House is the largest opera house in the world, located in the center of the Boulevard Haussmann, covers an area of ​​110,000 square meters, the whole building both Gothic and Romanesque style. French National Conservatory of Music and Dance School is also located here.

Paris street art "is very active in the northwest of the city of Tyre Ritter Art Square is a famous open-air gallery in the world, every day, a lot of painters impromptu painting for sale here. The Chastelet Square and the Saint-Germain Tess of the Square in the city center, the young students and the public often bring their own musical instruments concerts, performing a variety of programs.


Paris is a world historic city of monuments abound, the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Elysee Palace, the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre, the Place de la Concorde, Notre Dame, George? Pompidou National Cultural Art Center, the domestic and foreign tourists the linger the place. The beautiful banks of the Seine, dotted with parks, green spaces, 32 Bridge across the river, the more enchanting scenery river. River Center City Island is the cradle and birthplace of Paris. The Seine Saint-Michel boulevard stretching several kilometers book market, every day, many domestic and foreign scholars, tourists who come here to buy beloved ancient, the formation of the ancient culture of the Seine District - a major Latin Quarter characteristics.

Paris is still a World Conference on City. Its lovely scenery, rich historical sites, colorful cultural activities, as well as modern facilities, ushered in numerous international conferences According to statistics, in 1987 in Paris, held a total of 365 international conferences, and more than a New York, London, Brussels, Geneva, ranking first in the world. The headquarters of UNESCO, the Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and other international organizations are located in Paris.